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November 28th, 2015

A bit of tandoori chicken, a bottle of vodka and US$3.3million

Introducing India’s most hapless criminal mastermind.

Crime is wrong. Yes, yes. We all know that.


There are some poor souls who are so poor, and so hapless, and so generous, that I, for one, am most definitely on their side.

In the rest of the article we learn that Mr. Shukla doled our Rs100 notes to beggars he met – not realising, poor generous fellow, that he was leaving an audit trail behind him.

In a country which has serious corruption, serious crime (like the scumbag gang rapist from 2012 who is due to be

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November 26th, 2015

Curioser and curioser. And then some.

Bet you thought I’d forgotten all about that bizarre “mother who might have murdered her daughter whom she claimed was her sister” story?

The extraordinary saga of one Indrani Mukerjea?

After the media feeding frenzy of late August and early September, things quietened down, with, to be fair, the occasional high-profile bizarre reappearance of the story in the news. The most spectacular moment was when Indrani was rushed from prison to hospital, rumours swirling that it was a suicide attempt or no, perhaps it was a poisoning, or no, perhaps genuine sickness.

But the appalling story had largely moved off […]

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November 24th, 2015

What a balls-up. No, no, I mean what a cats-up

I’ve already shared with you the news that James Bond’s snogging of his leading ladies has been cut, here in India.

We are just not having any of that l-o-n-g kissing thank you, James.

This IS India, after all, remember, 007.

Land of the kama sutra and all that, but not l-o-n-g on-screen kisses. Oh no, siree.

Seriously, what a balls-up.

Whoops, sorry, sorry.

What a cats-up.

I have no words

Just that I think this really is a load of cats.

November 22nd, 2015

Holy cow!

download (1)

Since I do not wish this to descend into a rant-fest, I have decided to treat this whole idiotic story as a joke. For that is what is is, surely?

The cow story, that is.

Here, why don’t you read this ridiculous story first, and then we’ll talk about it?

The statements by the governor of Assam are deeply disturbing, but since I am 100% convinced that he has been misquoted (they always are, bless ’em) I am not going to fulminate too much here about such sentiments. Just waiting for the retraction

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November 19th, 2015

What utter madness is this?

I have felt vaguely headache-y and a tad breathless and below par for the past week or so, attributing it to w-a-y too much time at the computer, and oh, I don’t know – late nights, old age, whatever.

But you know what?

I think it’s Delhi that’s making me sick. Literally.


Delhi at 7pm and what in God’s name is happening in south Delhi (where I live) with crazy off the scale figures?

I was so stunned by that terrifying 773, that I clicked on the link and got

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November 19th, 2015

No news is too trivial…

—for the venerable Times of India – sorry, sorry – let me rephrase that.

No news is too trivial for this blog.


How can I even think of knocking the venerable Times of India, source of so much information that helps me entertain inform you.

Like this cracker today:

NOW you are fully up to date, on the pulsating heart of Indian politics.

November 19th, 2015

Excuse me, but we’ll have none of that kissing, thank you Mr. Bond

This is India, if you don’t mind, James old man.

So just cut it out, won’t you, all that romancing your Bond girls.

Hai hai, all that unnecessary kissing will offend our sentiments. Or, at least, the good Mr. Nihalani’s sentiments.

What next? No martinis so as not to encourage drinking?

November 17th, 2015

Thank you Sonam Kalra & the Sufi Gospel Project for a sense of peace


In a world gone seemingly mad, where terrorists murder teenagers, and where the online world erupts in pseudo outrage claiming only certain terrorist attacks are deemed worthy of social media grieving…in such a horrible cruel world, laced with pettiness, there was a small beacon of hope, right here in Delhi.

Well, in Gurgaon, to be precise.

The wonderful Sonam Kalra and her Sufi Gospel Project performed on Sunday night in the outdoor amphitheatre in the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon, and it was (as it always is when this talented young lady sings) a moving

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November 14th, 2015

Photo of the day. Paris je t’aime

I am too sad to write tonight. Heart-broken at the sadness and anguish and fear that has enveloped the city of light, a city that is so very much a part of our family DNA.

There’s little point uttering platitudes like “Who could do such a thing?” because, tragically, we all know the answer.

To a city and people in mourning and shock, sachez tous qu’on vous aime et qu’on pense à vous.


November 12th, 2015

And your Hindi word of the day comes with a video clip

Picture the scene if you will. It was last night, Diwali night, and we are all partying on our roof, 3 floors up from the road.

From time to time, we were deafened by the sound of a lot of crackers going off in the street below (3 floors below, remember) – as in a long string of them, going on and on for several minutes, setting off car alarms, that kind of noise.

Like so:


That my friends is a ‘lari” or a string of ‘patakhas’ (crackers) – the latter word I knew, but not the former. […]

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November 10th, 2015

Every dog shall have its day


And today is that day.

For today, in Nepal, it is Kukur Tihar (worship of the dogs) and so here in Delhi, the (Nepalese) Bahadurs fussed even more than usual over our 2 dogs, Tommy & Yoko.

First they were bathed.

Tommy is not a huge fan of unnecessary baths, and squirmed a bit :

Yoko, who absolutely loves water, closed his eyes in ecstasy as he was shampooed and pampered, salon-ishtyle:



Shampooed, rinsed, towel-dried. All in a day’s puja.

Then we moved up onto the roof to

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November 8th, 2015

Photo of the day. Red alert

And no, it’s not the unhealthy polluted air I’m talking about here (though I will discuss that anon) but rather the annual red-ding of all our plant pots by dear Bhola Ram, the “mali” (gardener).

Every year, in the days leading up to Diwali, Bhola Ram comes and lovingly scrapes down each pot, and then repaints it.

It’s always a sign that the festive season is about to start. Love it.