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April 23rd, 2014

Lest we forget…

Mount Everest

Nearly 10 years ago to the day, I stood at Dughla and prayed for the sherpas and climbers who had died on Everest.



This moment at Dughla, walking past the row of snow-covered, prayer-flag-bedecked memorial chortens, was the only sad moment in what was otherwise an amazing mid-life crisis trek.(No, it really was pukka mid-life-crisis stuff. I went completely alone.) And loved every single second of the long trek to Everest Base Camp.


Like millions of people around the world, I have prayed for the brave sherpas who lost their lives this week, and their

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April 21st, 2014

Hang on! Hold the wedding! We need to dance some more!

I’ve yet to go to a boring Indian wedding. Or an un-sing-y and un-dance-y one.

But Divya and Chaitanya’s wedding on Saturday evening in Goa took dancing to a whole new level (and no, I don’t mean we parents dancing at the sangeet, outstanding though we undoubtedly were…)

Rather, just before the “jai mala” ceremony was to start, a significant moment at the start of the ceremony, when the couple garlands each other, the groom’s friends broke out into a Bollywood number, and the ritual got good-naturedly delayed whilst everyone danced some more…


See what I mean?

April 18th, 2014

Wedding fun in the sun (& some wonky dancing, no doubt)

Hello and early Happy Easter from Goa, where Divya, the pretty daughter of Amita and Rajiv Sahaya, is getting married this weekend. The class of 1971 (Himmat and Rajiv’s batch at the Doon School) is pretty well represented, and later tonight, we shall – collectively – wow the assembled crowd with our utterly fabulous Bollywood dancing in the Sangeet (or music and dance party). Bruised and battered knee notwithstanding. Weddings make you forget all your silly aches and pains.

The mehendi took place this afternoon by the beach and it was lovely, full of colour and mehendi and bangles and [...]

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April 16th, 2014

“Over Weight Fat & Any problem Through”?

4 days of not running due to my fall on Saturday, and I am feeling distinctly restless, and my weight has started creeping up, shock horror, so yes, I am definitely interested in this flyer that floated out of my morning paper today…

They even mention Old Ladies, so that suits me just fine.


April 16th, 2014

I am indeed a fallen woman

Guilty as charged. I have been a pretty inept blogger this last week or so, partly due to this, partly due to that, but largely due to t’other. It’s been a combo of lots going on + a very dear friend here as a house guest + a quick trip to our farm in Chhachhrauli and, stupidly, rather a bad fall while I was out running on Saturday morning.

The latter is mega-irritating not just because my right knee, right thumb and (already injured) right shoulder hurt a lot, but because I am cut and bruised and scratched and scraped [...]

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April 7th, 2014

Assuring the outstanding experience of your life time experience…

Cor lummy.

The promises you get along with your morning cuppa in India.

An “assurance of the outstanding experience of my life time experience.” That’s pretty impressive stuff, by any reckoning.

I love the inherent dottiness of these “learn to speak English” flyers, because the fact is that they are nearly always written in such odd English, that it does rather make you wonder.

“We take Gurantee (sic) for improvement Beyond any Excuses.”

Can’t say fairer than that, now, can you?

April 4th, 2014

Photo of the day “Because it’s there…”

India_Climb from Karzog Phu to Mentok Base Camp_P1040111

…and because my thoughts are turning resolutely towards mountains, in the hope of attempting another peak this summer…

…and because my “training” for said peak will officially kick off this weekend, when I restart my Sunday walks with my trekking buddy Sunil Nehru…

Because of these, I give you a glorious moment from last August, on beautiful Mentok Kangri.



Seriously, how can you not be inspired, when you get to walk through such beauty?

This was the day we left Karzok Phu and started the climb to our

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April 4th, 2014

Is THIS what they mean by a political whitewash?

I have been a tad Sino-centric these last couple of weeks, I am well aware. Brilliant trip + child now living there = makes it all rather inevitable.

However, I am now well and truly back in suddenly-hot-Delhi, as the country is poised on the verge of general elections, so I thought I should bring you up to speed a bit on what’s going on here.

Politicians (“netas” in Hindi) requesting a bit of Photoshopping, apparently. Actually, it sounds like more than a bit of work. Fair + slim + more hair + no squint.

Fab stuff.

But what actually [...]

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April 1st, 2014

Line dancing. Shanghai style

So there we were just a few days ago, walking back to our Shanghai hotel after our evening stroll along The Bund and Nanjing Lu.

We decided to take a short cut, to avoid the crowds on Nanjing Lu and lo and behold, what did we see but this.

A group of women all (bar one) older rather than younger, happily dancing in formation in the street. No teacher. No obvious leader. All virtually step-perfect.

Such fun.

I dedicate this post to all my girlfriends – be they my book club gals, or my gang of running divas – I [...]

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March 31st, 2014

Ah, the joys of connectivity. Plus a (possibly) foul-mouthed bird…

I wrote this blog post on Saturday, sitting in rainy Shanghai.

It is now 2 days later, a sunny Monday in Delhi, and I am swamped with Facebook & Twitter messages, after a 10 day blackout…they are both blocked in China.

We thought we had managed to scale the Great Firewall of China, but not completely, so even though this post is a weeny bit dated, here you go.


Saturday 29 March

What a contrast a week can make.

Last weekend the weather was spectacularly gorgeous. Deep blue sky & sunshine.

This weekend it has, so far, poured down, [...]

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March 27th, 2014

The ultimate Shanghai run

I ran on The Bund this morning, and if that isn’t the Shanghai absolute-totally-amazing-ultimate run location – then I honestly don’t know what is…

I have been on a high ever since we arrived in Shanghai, so fab and beautiful is this amazing city.

First seen 31 years ago, and last seen over 20 years ago, I was apprehensive about returning to a city I feared might have been ravaged by “modernisation” (say the way Macau has been) but the historic heart of the city is dazzling. Beautifully restored, spotlessly clean, safe, un-encroached upon – basically The Bund is fabulous.


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March 25th, 2014

Not at all Shanghaied in Shanghai

We may be heading towards drearier weather here in Shanghai, but the city is so fantastic that it doesn’t seem to matter too much. There is so much to do, that the forecast rainy and cloudy weather won’t stop us from rediscovering a city that has, naturally, changed out of all recognition.

If it rains, we will head off the the Monet Exhibition, for example, which is drawing punters from all over China, according to Hari.

If it continues raining, we shall go re-discover the Friendship Store and Shanghai #1 Department Store, last visited some 20 odd years ago.

This [...]

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