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August 30th, 2015

Musings. And sadness. And (still) shock

When an alleged murderer becomes the subject of online jokes within a couple of days, then you know that:

(a) the press and social media have done their job properly ie sharing every last tidbit of information, salacious or otherwise

(b) we, as a society, may just have lost any sense of decency

Just because Indrani’s husband and my husband were in the same class at school doesn’t make me an expert, it doesn’t make me partisan, it doesn’t make me anything more than someone who is possibly a little more interested in the drama than most.

There are so […]

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August 28th, 2015

Still in shock. And also getting a bit disgusted

Last night Anjulie & I went to listen to a discussion around the book “Aarushi”, a book I cannot recommend too highly, by the way. If you haven’t yet read it – do so. Now, Please. And there isn’t a more apt time to read it than now, in the light of the Indrani sage unfolding at high speed in front of us.

I met Mr. Sen, the author, for the first time last night, and a more charming man you could not wish to meet. Articulate, passionate, eloquent.

Amongst the things we talked about, one remark he made stood […]

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August 27th, 2015

Even more shocked than yesterday

You could not make up a story like this.

You absolutely could not.

Even though I like to fancy myself as something of a writer, I wouldn’t know where to start to make up a story to rival the unfolding drama that has got everyone’s attention, here in India.

The maelstrom surrounding Indrani Mukerjea, about whom I blogged in total shock this time yesterday, intensified throughout the day, with fresh & always shocking revelations every few minutes, it would seem.

Waking up to the news that Indrani had been taken into custody under suspicion of the murder of her sister, […]

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August 26th, 2015

In shock

It all started last night when hubby switched the telly on. It had been left on a Hindi news channel, which we never watch, and there it was – “Breaking News”.

Total on-screen confusion. (Anyone who knows the Indian media will know what I’m talking about.) All ticker tapes and one photo rapidly superimposed on top of another, and everyone shouting to be heard over everyone else.

Indian TV anchors seemingly all need to shout, to show us just how urgent their work is.

Anyway through the cacophony & visual chaos on the screen, I recognised an acquaintance, Indrani.

Indrani’s […]

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August 22nd, 2015

I have no words…

My family, whom I love dearly and whose opinions I value above almost all others, often take me to task for the content of this blog.

Too critical.

Too negative.

Too focused on womens’ issues.

After every one of these well-meant talking to’s, I try.

I really do.

Out go the stories of sexual attack/corruption/pollution & in come the jolly posts about – oh I don’t know what…jolliness, I suppose.

Now, if you will, fast forward to here & now, Saturday morning, after a lovely gentle run with 3 girls from my running group. Come home to a still slumbering […]

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August 20th, 2015

It’s not “practical” for 4 men to rape a woman. God help India.


I feel sick.

The leader of one of the political parties here in India, a former Chief Minister of the huge state of Uttar Pradesh, and the father of the current Chief Minister, one Mulayam Singh Yadav, had this to say in a speech in Lucknow on Tuesday :

“Is it even possible that four men can rape a woman? It’s not even practical.”

How dare he?

How can anyone be so contemptible?

“Is it even possible that four men can rape a woman? It’s not even practical. Now they will say somebody was watching, someone was there. If there […]

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August 18th, 2015

Meet Hariyal, a foul-mouthed abusive parrot. Perhaps.

download (5)

It’s been a long, hot, hard day here in Delhi, with too much time spent in the punishing traffic, and so the story that I am about to share with you comes as a blessed relief. Saves me from boring you all with a rant.

In Rajura, a remote village in Maharashtra, lives an 85 year old lady who is at loggerheads with her stepson, in a long-standing property dispute.

Stepson has a parrot called Hariyal.

Old lady goes to the cops telling them that her stepson has taught the parrot foul language which it shouts at her whenever she […]

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August 17th, 2015

For God’s sake, plant trees. Literally.


After a morning of rubbishy hassles – though actually, come to think of it, a broken computer and a tax scrutiny and a termite infestation and a leaking roof, are all pretty serious irritants – so yes, where was I?

Right, after a morning like this, I am steering clear of anything controversial, because I’m already so irritated that I’ll get cross and rant and vent, and that’s not why you read the blog, is it?

Though, actually, would you mind?

Just a quick rant.

To clear the air?

Thank you SO much.

In a country where a very, very […]

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August 15th, 2015

Watch this, everyone who loves India. Watch! Bol!

images (5)

Despite watching & sharing the teasers of “BOL” by the fabulous Sonam Kalra & the Sufi Gospel project, I was still moved to tears while watching the finished product, blown away by the intensity and the emotion behind this spectacular song.

“BOL” was launched online at the stroke of the midnight hour, today, Indian Independence Day.

And I cannot think of a better gift to the nation than this.

Shabash to every single person involved in this truly wonderful work.

And now, just watch it, and I defy any of you not to be stirred by this.

August 14th, 2015

Crowdsourcing & cutlets

There are days when India really and truly cracks me up, and today is one of them.

I read an amazing story in the venerable Times of India this morning about how the PM is asking for ideas from us all for his Independence Day speech tomorrow.

And lots of things sprang to mind.

Like how amazing if the PM really does use suggestions from the Indian equivalent of Joe Bloggs.

And as for some of the suggestions…

But first up, I need to ask you/anyone/someone to tell me more about the sentence below – the one underneath the photo.


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August 12th, 2015

Come on India! #speakout #bol

images (5)

I shared with you the other day a teaser for a new Sonam Kalra song which is being released on 15 August, Indian Independence Day.

The ever charming Sonam sent me a further teaser, which I am sharing with you all below, in which she explains the need for each and everyone of us to #speakout against the injustices we see around us.

We are a country of keyboard warriors, ever quick to vent our outrage on Facebook, but how many of us go beyond that? (And I know I’m guilty as charged, most

view full post » […]

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August 11th, 2015

Going native. As in trees.


I’ve been in a bit of a muddle about India and Delhi of late.

To be perfectly honest, every morning when I read my newspaper, I feel pretty dispirited and discouraged.

There seemingly isn’t a day goes by without some unsavoury story. Political skulduggery. Shocking traffic. Inept policing. Pollution. You name it, it all seems to be crawling out of the woodwork at the moment.

And even though I outrage over my morning cuppa and get all fired up, by the time I sit down to write my blog, I feel wearied and fed up. And I also remember the […]

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