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February 12th, 2018

A beginner’s guide to PLOGGING


Never have I been so bang on trend as these last few days.

What I call “picking up rubbish when I go out for a run” is actually A Thing.

It’s a cool, Swedish inspired Thing and it’s called PLOGGING.

I have always tried to pick up the trash when I go out for a walk and, in the last 4 years since I started running, whenever I go for a run.

Many moons ago, when we lived on the beach in Mauritius, every morning I would walk my 3 late (& much missed) street dogs Képi, Birdey & […]

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February 10th, 2018

Partying with a holy cow

Ah, India. There are times when you really do hit the jackpot, as far as the news cycle is concerned. Fed up with my morning paper’s diet of sexual horrors and police negligence and politics-as-usual, this was the story I needed, to stop myself from feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Meet Kishori, a real live holy cow, and a beauty as well we are told, who is about to have the mother of all birthday parties, bless her.

Seriously, what’s not to love about a cow performing miracles, emitting positive vibes and winning beauty contests?

I am […]

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February 1st, 2018

How to travel with a peacock. Or maybe not.

This is THE best story this week.

Too deliciously bonkers not to share.

There is no Indian connection, per se, which is why it is classed as “Just because” story…except that peacocks are, after all, our national bird, so actually, you know what, I think that this most definitely counts as an Indian connection 😛

Now secretly, I think I’m pretty cool because last summer I had this ongoing “relationship” with a peacock in my local park, who would always dance, whenever I trotted past on one of my runs. He never missed a chance to strut his stuff as […]

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January 31st, 2018

More on the 8 month old Indian baby who was raped

Earlier today, I shared with you an absolutely horrific story about the rape of an 8 month old baby here in Delhi.

It appears the poor wee mite is stable, after a colostomy, with the prospect of a possible reversal of the operation in a year.

Thank God for the doctors at the hospital.

Oh God, I feel like crying as I write this, just thinking about the baby’s pain.

Poor, poor baby, and as for her family…once the political and media attention moves on, what happens to them? The father is a labourer, the mother a domestic help. They […]

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