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March 17th, 2018

In praise of talented friends

When it comes to a super dear friend like the designer Sonam Dubal, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m proudly and unashamedly biased.

If ever I needed to make a full disclosure statement about my relationship with Sonam and his clothes, it would go something like this:

“I have known this lovely man for years, and he has designed many outfits for me and for my daughter Anjulie, and I trust him implicitly when it comes to anything to do with fashion.”

So with this in mind, if you are expecting an impartial, critical review of Sonam’s show […]

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March 15th, 2018

Old fashioned glamour to the fore at India Fashion Week

And so, last night, for a while, I got to hang out with Delhi’s beautiful people, courtesy of Amazon India Fashion Week.

Quick heads up – one of my cousins-by-marriage is the designer Ashish Soni, and so off we trotted, daughter dearest and I, to watch his show, the final show of the first day of India Fashion Week 2018.

And WHAT a show it was. Showmanship in every sense of the word.

Ashish is super well-known for his menswear, favouring sharp lines and fun, quirky little touches, but last night it was a show with a difference.

He showcased […]

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March 11th, 2018

Now, about our wonderful Delhi weather…

Many, many moons ago, an Indian friend visiting England for the first time, said he had finally understood the British obsession with talking about the weather.

Since Blighty can experience several weather changes in one day, small wonder, he said, that we talk about it all the time. Always an evolving topic of conversation.

Here in Delhi, the weather isn’t unpredictable the way it is in England.

Winters are short, chilly and terrifyingly polluted.

Holi comes, and we head towards summer, which is always long – very long – and hot.

The rains come and wash everything clean.

Then it’s […]

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March 2nd, 2018

Such fun!

Last night we were privileged to be invited for a concert performed by the band of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, and it was one of the jolliest, most easy-going evenings I’ve had in a long time.

The venue, New Delhi’s Siri Fort auditorium, has been the scene of so many horrid concert experiences over the years.

But not last night.

In the past, we have had to wait outside in the street for ages, in long queues, despite having paid tickets, only to be allowed in minutes before curtain up, in an undignified scramble for seats.

No such scenario last […]

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