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March 3rd, 2012

Gigolo employment agencies, anyone ?

Today has been a lovely day.

Friends (Carine arrived from Sweden for 10 days).  Fabulous polo in the afternoon sun. Tonight we are off to a big party to celebrate Minky & Karan’s Singh’s silver wedding.

And yet….

To start your day with a story such as the one below, leaves a sickening taste in the mouth.

Read it and weep.

For the young man, for India, for man’s inhumanity to man.

What is wrong with a society where this can happen, and where the police can be so seemingly indifferent ?  Poor, poor young man.  He is younger than my children, yet already married, so goodness knows how old his wife must be, poor little future-less thing.

And what on earth happens to him now ?

To wreak such brutal vengeance on a rapist or a murderer would hardly be conceivable.  For Rs 300 ($6 or £3.82) it is mind-numbingly shocking.

I really don’t know what to say.

What can one ?

And this horror story below barely warranted a mention :

Poor woman doesn’t even have a name.

And so in the parallel universe that is oftentimes India, while such horrors exist in small-town India, weird & wonderful things happen in big town India, i.e. Delhi.

The city’s gigolos are unhappy, it would seem.

I know I shouldn’t mock, I really shouldn’t.

So I won’t.

But – quick aside – whoever even knew that there were gigolo employment agencies in Delhi ?

I sometimes think I lead far too sheltered a life.

Anyway I did at least get out and about both yesterday and this afternoon, both times to watch polo.

Yesterday, we went to one of the nicest games of the year, the Veteran’s Polo Cup, which is played at a nice, steady relaxed pace, as befits the age of the players.  Sometimes, the umpire kindly allows a 2nd attempt at a fluffed penalty, and the game is always followed by a tent-pegging (my absolute fave) and then a great dinner and a sing-song, hosted by Dee and Rajesh Sahgal.

And yesterday was no exception.


Today, we went to watch the semis of the Indian Open, and jolly exciting ultra-fast polo it was, too, with some dramatic moments, inevitable when such high-goal polo is being played.

Before I leave you and head out into the warm spring evening, there’s big Bollywood news in my Gupshup section –  well, not really, but it caught my eye.

1 comment to Gigolo employment agencies, anyone ?

  • Catriona

    Appalling, awful.. that poor man. Those goons. For 300 rupees. Or for any sum. The cruelty beggars belief.
    In the world of sort of happy endings the media exposure would result in someone paying for a prosthesis (prostheses) for him and employing him in an NGO.

    If only…

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