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April 7th, 2012

Lemon tree very pretty (and also very, very small)

The plant life on my roof terrace is in a state of seasonal flux, as some flowers slowly fade away in the day-by-day hotter weather.

The bougainvillea is well past its prime, now, but my dear rambling roses are thriving – they have a short life span, but such a beautifully pretty one.

And my lemon tree continues to produce lots of tiny lemons.

They are seriously teeny tiny at the moment, but it’s a great feeling, and my delight is not at all tinged with any yah-boo-suck-ism towards the mali.

Perish the thought.

Bola Ram sort of sniffs at my budding lemons every time he sees them, but I have made my point.

Now if only my custard apple tree would fruit…

Not that any of these little successes get me anywhere, because the mali steadfastly refuses to give me any more pots for all my apple pips and yet more lemon pips that I want to plant.

“Too hot” he says, every time I grumble.  “During the monsoons, that’s when you plant.”

Battle lines have been drawn.

But I do so love my lemon-ettes.

And my pretty roses.

2 comments to Lemon tree very pretty (and also very, very small)

  • Jane Laver

    So we now add plant pots to Anjulie’s interesting luggage??

  • christine

    No. No. We get loadsa plant pots here. Very cheap. Very big. Just that the mali won’t be doing the needful with them, as we say.

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