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January 29th, 2013

The tale of an amazing cane basket…

All during our time in the beautiful Subansiri region of Arunachal last week, we met many people who were connected to Catriona’s parents (who had lived and worked there in the late 1940s) or we met their children, or their grandchildren – or in the case of a fabulous afternoon in Hija village, we met generations of the family of one of the people Catriona’s parents were closest to – Kago Bida.

Over rice beer and snacks and chat and many, many photographs, the matriarch of the clan suddenly announced that she still had in her possession a cane box, given to them by Catriona’s parents when they were leaving India at Independence.  Taking a key on a chain from round her neck, someone was dispatched to unlock and bring the chest which – incredibly – had survived at least 4 or 5 fires which had burned the bamboo house down.

But the box survived.

To say Catriona was moved, is putting it mildly.  It was a very emotional moment for everyone…

We all were, to be honest – our dear friend and guide Kani (who didn’t know about the existence of the box) and even many of the family – some of whom knew there was an old box, but didn’t know the complete story.

A very special moment – among many special moments last week.


I have also posted a couple of Photos of the Day today, if that makes logical sense : one of an elderly lady who came in to see the box, and another of 3 pretty schoolgirls in Duta village.

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