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July 14th, 2015

Delhi’s seed bank project

There are days when I have to admit that I do somewhat lose the faith as far as Delhi is concerned.

You walk in the filthy, encroached-upon streets, with rubbish strewn everywhere, and no-one seemingly the least bit bothered by it.  The noise is incessant, the driving is awful, road rage is on the serious rise…and just when you feel totally demoralised by it all, then you come across good people doing amazing things, and voila, the faith is restored.

Take this initiative, for example, by DILY (Delhi I love you) to protect the city’s native trees, which sounds absolutely brilliant:

Shabash, everyone :

I can’t wait to go visit Asola, and then do my bit.

And since we are on the subject of trees, this sign in my local market always makes me smile.  Love the idea of a tree as a fixer.  So very delhi, somehow…

India_New Delhi_3156

2 comments to Delhi’s seed bank project

  • Please let me know, Christine, when this native plant nursery takes shape. We would be happy to acquire native tree seeds to plant in our colony. It is a great idea!

  • Hi,
    Weare a Real Estate Developers of Noida, U.P India.
    We want to plant Native plants in our developments, so need your help.
    How can you people help us.

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