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August 30th, 2016

And they’re at it again. Telling women in India how to dress

I am SO fed up by the men of the world telling the women of the world how to dress.

Be it the burkini fiasco in France or some politician here in India telling “women foreign tourists” not to wear skirts – it’s all getting too much.

This is the latest gem, from the mouth of our very own Minister for Culture & Tourism…

women tourists

So, what are we to conclude from this latest salvo from yet another man who feels he can tell women how to dress?

Foreign tourists can’t wear skirts.

So does that mean Indian women can?  That’s not against Indian culture, then?  it’s only when foreign legs are on show that Indian culture is invoked?

And what about people like me, then?  Foreigners who live here and pay the salaries of men like Mr. Sharma through their taxes?

What am I supposed to do?  Wear a bloody badge saying “I’m not a foreign tourist, but a foreign resident”?

But of course, Mr. Sharma was misquoted.

Of course he was.

They always are.

Mr. Sharma clarified that – as the father of 2 daughters – he would “never tell women what they should wear or not.”

But.  You.  Just. Did.

He was only talking about religious places, apparently.

But. You. Didn’t. Say. That.

women tourists2

The Minister didn’t refer to sexual violence and harassment of women in his statement, but I would be fascinated to hear his take on an issue that has blackened India’s name.

And I’m going to stop right there, before I say something I might regret.  I get so angry at the hypocrisy around sexual violence here – why isn’t THAT addressed rather than women wearing skirts?

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