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April 12th, 2017

Lemon tree very pretty

It’s been a long hot day here in Delhi, marked by power cuts – ah yes, if it’s summer it must be time for the power to go – and by a little too much time spent in traffic, so forgive me if I don’t tackle the burning issues of the day, but rather talk about my potted plants.

The day has rushed by, but despite a mountain of work still waiting to be done, I have just gone for a potter on my roof garden.

And feel distinctly better for it, I must say.

I pottered, and dead-headed, and even had a civil chat with the mali (gardener) about my lemons.

Those of you dear folk who have been reading my blog for a while, may remember that the mali (who is a lovely fella) and I do not always see eye to eye over my lemon plant.

Basically, the story goes something like this.

When my lemon plant, which I lovingly grew from pips I planted, was not not doing anything for the first few years, the mali would make comments about all my “jungli” seeds and how they wouldn’t produce anything.  Then, when the dear plant started giving me some fruit, well, the story changed, didn’t it, and suddenly dim old memsahib didn’t realise that all along it had been Bola Ram who grown the lemon plant and not silly old me.

The number of  conversations we’ve had over the years on the theme of “No, madam, you don’t understand.  This was a graft and not grown from pips.  Your pips all died…”

This gentle, grumble-y bickering has been going on for quite a few years – over 5 and counting, which isn’t bad to keep a quarrel going.  I just checked old blog posts, and there we have it – lots of grumbling about lemons…

So, it is with some degree of cockiness that I announce that I have had quite a few lemons from my tree this past week.

Well, yes, agreed, it’s hardly a tree, rather a large plant in a pot – but I am inordinately proud of it.  As you might have gathered.

I even make a point of having a nimbu pani (lemon juice in water) every day with MY nimbus, just to, well, make a point.

Everyone is so insanely negative about my lemon tree (or am I over-enthusiastic?  Even obsessional? Now that, of course, might just be the case… 😛 )

Even the Bahadurs mutter that they’ll use lemons they have bought, since mine won’t have any juice, and then I slice them open and eureka – they do have juice…

It boggles my mind why my lemons are so controversial in our otherwise harmonious household…

Professional jealousy IMHO.

Anyway, dear old mali started the conversation tonight with a friendly “That lemon is ready, memsahib, and so is that one” and so I took the moral high ground, smiled, and thanked him – and refrained from bickering.

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1 comment to Lemon tree very pretty

  • Beatrix

    Looks like gorgeous lemons to me!
    My gardener insists you can’t grow lemons from pips too.
    Currently we’re having a debate about a date palm I grew from seed. It’s 3 ft tall & he says it will never bear fruit, it will get too big for the yard, & we should toss it.
    I guess firangis can’t have green thumbs?

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