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May 15th, 2017

Tock-tick or tick-tock? (Just because)

Far be it from me to praise myself, but I have to say – I think it was a stroke of pure genius on my part, starting this “Just because” section of my blog 😛
Because otherwise, without an obvious Indian-y connection, how would I share with you lovely gems like this?

DO read this –  totally worth it.

Such fun, isn’t it?

It has been so many years since I was an English undergraduate, that I fear I have forgotten nearly everything my Oxford professors so lovingly taught me.

I think I dimly remember the adjective order thing-y: the opinion-size-age etc etc rule.

But I must confess the I A O rule is news to me.

But once you’ve learned this rule, it makes such perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Can you imagine for a moment saying to your children: “Now don’t dally-dilly on the way home”

Or suggesting a game of pong-ping?

Or wearing flop-flips?

I tell ya’ – one lives and one learns… 🙂

You’re welcome.  Just because…

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