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May 15th, 2017

An underarm chocolate wax, anyone?

There are days when my native Yorkshire cannot be denied.
Those are the days when I mutter to myself that supreme Yourskire-ism, “There’s nowt so queer as folk.”
Like today.
WHAT on earth is this flyer wittering on about?
It floated gently out of my Times of India this morning and I picked it up & read it, & metaphorically scratched my head and said to myself:
“By ‘eck. What are they talking about? Aloe vera arm underarm…chocolate wax…aloe vera & chocolate wax…”
Is this a menu, or an ad for a beauty parlour?
Now come on, people, don’t be shy and/or squeamish.  Work with me here.  WHAT is all this stuff?

I realise I am old and pretty much out of things, but I have NO idea what ‘Body Ubtan” means.

Nor do I know what is significant about WHITE CHOCOLATE Full Body”- as in the BLOCK CAPITALS.  Please don’t tell me the WHITE CHOCOLATE is a sort of Fair ‘n Lovely substitute!! (For those not in the know, Fair ‘n Lovely is a product that promises lighter skin.)

Curioser and curioser…

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