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May 17th, 2017

Damn & blast. Now I’m cross about something I never knew about all these years…

My short-lived-rain-induced happiness was even more short-lived this morning when I read THIS little story over my morning coffee.

Read it first & then we can chat:


For those of you who don’t know who Maureen Vadra is…let me explain why MY tax rupees have apparently been spent protecting this lady.  I need to back up a little.  As follows:

1. Sonia Gandhi is the widow of a former PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi, whose name, incidentally, adorns so many buildings/schemes/projects in India.

2. Sonia Gandhi is the leader of the opposition, which has a very small number of MPs.

3. Her daughter is Priyanka – unelected to any office, but living in Lutyens Delhi splendour with security provided at the tax payer’s expense.

4. Priyanka is married to one Robert Vadra – unelected to any office, but living in Lutyens Delhi splendour etc.

Google him, dear reader.

I really can’t be bothered to further blacken my mood by talking about Mr. Vadra.  Oh, OK, then, here you go – here’s a link to an earlier post I wrote about Mr. Vadra.

5. Mr. Vadra’s mother is the above Maureen.

So let me get this right.

The unelected mother-in-law of the unelected daughter of the leader of the opposition is being provided security at we the tax payer’s expense?

Since I have no info whatsoever about Mrs. Vadra senior’s Lutyens house, we must let that be. (Once again, for non-Delhi readers – Lutyens Delhi is the heart of the city, where colonial era bungalows with gardens and all the trimmings are hugely prized by bureaucrats and politicians, and they all want to live in them, either free gratis and for nothing, or at vastly subsidized rents.)

We clearly live in deeply worrying times if there has been a perceived security threat to the mother of the son-in-law of a politician.  For 13 years, readers.  For 13 years.

I leave you with the comments on Facebook of Robert Vadra:

Coming in defence of his mother Maureen Vadra, the businessman and Gandhi son-in-law said, “We have to stoop to the levels of now demeaning and harassing, elderly people.”

“With all respect, please leave my mother alone,” he added.

Thanks to from whose report the above quote comes

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