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May 18th, 2017

Cricket. Cricket. Oh yeah, summit Everest. Cricket. Cricket…

I realise I’m in a minority of one when I admit to not r-e-a-l-l-y being a cricket fan. In India, too. (And, to make things even worse, being a Yorkshire lass to boot.)

But there you go, not much I can do about it.

But India!


Tear yourselves away from the IPl for a moment, won’t you?  There are other sports out there, you know, some of which take way more guts and pain, and carry far more danger than wielding a bat.

An Indian woman summits Everest for the 4th time this week, but where is the excitement, the pride, the usual rah-rah-rah that accompanies anything to do with Indian success?

Total silence.  One tiny photo in the Times of India, and that’s it.

Good Lord, India.

This is the 4th time she’s summited.

The first woman to do a double ascent in 10 days,

She’s going to try and summit again in 10 days.

This woman is superhuman, a rockstar, and I for one am thrilled and humbled and in awe of her achievements.

Go Anshu!!

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