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August 23rd, 2017

Now about all those flowers in that meadow

When you stay in a pretty little town called Gulmarg, which literally means “meadow of flowers”, stands to reason there should be lots of flowers around.

This was indeed the case, though the marg (meadow) wasn’t quite as dazzling in mid-August as it is earlier in the year, when the lupins are in stunning profusion.

But what we lacked in lupins, we certainly made up for in completely outrageously blowsy OTT dahlias.
Like so:

I mean, how humongous are they?

It’s little wonder that the colonial Brits fell so totally in love with Gulmarg – which they did, showing their love by building (in no significant order) a church, a golf course and a polo field.  They also planted flowers that reminded them of home, like roses and lupins.  Sort of built-in nostalgia.

How divine is this?

It’s actually the Highlands Park Hotel, but couldn’t it just as easily be somewhere in the Home Counties?

Roses galore, and the perfume from them was fantastic:

This truly is one beautiful flowery meadow…

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