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December 20th, 2010

Arm-amputated vests & low-rise jeans

Yes, I know it’s not Europe cold here in Delhi, I know, I know, but for those of us in our unheated, power-cut-blighted homes, today has been cold and wintery.

It feels distinctly Christmas-y, what with the cold wind and the deep blue sky, and the annual re-painting of the terrace for our Xmas lunch.  Note to self : check whether everyone else’s terraces need re-painting every year.

But hey, this is the season of jollity and goodwill to all men –  even incompetent painters –  so I will let it pass.

This once.

After blogging yesterday about the malls here and the fascinating-sounding Modern Animated Santa, there was a rather depressing report on Xmas shopping here in Delhi, in this morning’s paper.  Apparently Xmas shopping just ain’t happening this year. (Tell me about it.  Haven’t ventured out yet)

There was also a priceless article about how to dress stylishly in winter.  Military style coat and boots are in, apparently.

As are arm-amputated vests…

Yup.  Definitely wouldn’t want to look like a clown in an over-sized arm-amputated vest nor completely ridiculous in a puffy coat, now, would we ?

And on the subject of dress sense –  those of you thinking of wearing “low-rise” jeans in Kerala…think again :

I love the un-PC last sentence.

This morning I went for my regular physio session at my great clinic in Malviya Nagar, Back2Fitness as part of my campaign to get rid of the knee pain that has so blighted this year.  This dry-needling seems to be working, slowly slowly, so am feeling a little more optimistic.  I then went and swum at the Delhi Gymkhana Club, so came home feeling seriously virtuous.  On the way back, there was a tiny little thing begging at a traffic light in Green Park.  Sadly, this is nothing unusual in Delhi.  Only this little girl was asking for money – Rs20 – to feed her equally tiny puppy.  Innovative and doubly heart-rending as the puppy was whimpering as well.

Here is 4 year-old Jyoti prior to receiving money from me (not the Rs 20 she asked for) looking sad :

And smiling after getting her money and seeing her photo on my phone :

Poor little baby.  Well, babies actually.

The after-effects of the Commonwealth Games continue, and for all the wrong reasons.  The enquiry is still going on (I presume it is.  I believe everything I read in the papers) though Mr. Kalmadi seems to have dropped off the radar screen.  But we poor Delhi residents now face the prospect of shoddy work being redone.  At our expense.

Read my post in today’s Common Wealth section and – fellow dilliwalas –  weep.  Weep for all that wasted money, weep for all that inconvenience we had and will now have to suffer all over again.  When will they bring these wretched people to book ?

Then please read a second post about the Commonwealth Games, which is about that little known aspect of gender-auditing roads.  Very bizarre.

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