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April 8th, 2017

Time-lapsing Delhi

This evening, I time-lapsed night falling over my New Delhi street.


This clip comes with a statutory warning – I am currently totally in love with time lapse, so will probably bore you all witless over the coming weeks, but bear with me 😛

April 8th, 2017

Rain vs the heat

So, here I am back in Delhi.

After a week in the glorious hills of Himachal Pradesh, in chilly, rainy, stormy conditions and with virtually no connectivity, all this Delhi heat & Facebook-availability is a tad disconcerting.

The connectivity in Nagini village, where we always stay with our friends Shefali & Christopher Mitra, is already a little weak, but the crazy rain & hailstorms last week put paid to phones & electricity. But since the lodge has gas in the kitchen and a warming open fire in the evenings – and one afternoon, too, when it was super cold – […]

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March 31st, 2017

An Inconvenient Sequel

I started a section of this blog called “Just because” – just because sometimes there are things I really, really want to share, and they don’t obviously fit into one of my blogging-about-India categories.

This trailer for the sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth” is one such thing I really want you all to see.

But sitting melting in Delhi’s unseasonably hot weather – heatwave in March, for crying out loud, people already dying of the heat in Maharasthra – well, actually, perhaps this powerful trailer is not “just because” at all, but rather bang on target.

I urge you all […]

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March 28th, 2017

Still not back in my Delhi groove…

Yesterday in this blog, I said I’d be more Delhi-fied today, after our fab holiday in Thailand, diving.

Well, I’m not.

I blame an afternoon of editing our underwater videos, but nope, still haven’t got properly back into my Delhi groove, though going for a run in Nehru Park this morning did, admittedly, help.

So sorry, folks, until I’m fully reconnected with India, I’m palming you off with another time-lapse video 😛

As I mentioned yesterday, this was a “skill” I polished on this trip, with not a little help from Hari.


This was the view from our Bangkok […]

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March 27th, 2017

Easing slowly back into Delhi

We flew into Delhi in the early hours of this morning from Bangkok, after a brilliant scuba-diving family holiday.

And in the 10 days we were away, it’s as though the summer has arrived with a vengeance.

26C at midnight, forsooth.

That’s crazy hot, when I think that it was still chilly in the early mornings when I left.

Despite having being on holiday, I’ve felt super-tired all day (always the sign of a good holiday, right, to come back exhausted?!) and my head-space is still somewhere on the ocean, on a diving live-aboard, and not at all back into […]

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March 13th, 2017

Happy Holi-day

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, world, it’s Holi here in India.

Holi is THE festival of colours par excellence and, incidentally, it’s also a day when we, as a family, don’t venture out at all. Collectively, we’re not fans of all the coloured powder throwing, but it’s a day that most of the country loves.

Our neighbours partied noisily for most of the morning and early afternoon. I think, traditionally, Holi is supposed to stop at noon, but their uber-loud Bollywood music (& screech-y DJ) went on for a couple of extra hours. There’s pin drop silence now as […]

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March 7th, 2017

“Delhi will be like London in a year”


I read the headline again.

No, it was still the same.

Checked the date.

Nope, not April Fool’s Day, but Monday March 6.

In the venerable Times of India. So it must be true.

Just think – within a year, Delhi is going to be like London.


I mean, gosh.

How amazing.

Not that I think everywhere should be like London (God forbid we get their

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March 5th, 2017

Wilfully destroying our heritage

This morning, I went for a run in Lutyens Delhi.

As I was slowly jogging past Safdarjung’s Tomb, on impulse, I decided to take a detour and be a tourist for a while.

I haven’t visited Safdarjung’s Tomb since 2010 during the Commonwealth Games, when my sister and I were the only visitors, wandering round this sublime monument on our own.

Today, very early on a Sunday morning, I had for company a couple doing their pre-wedding shoot and their 2 photographers.

So, all blissed-out at the idea of having this magnificent place pretty much to myself, off I wandered.


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March 2nd, 2017

Ah, NOW I understand…

This little gem, my friends, totally has my vote for the prestigious “Clear as Mud” award.

Excellent stuff, I’m sure you agree.

Gotta love the Times of India.

February 25th, 2017

About being immature at 46…


After I so cruelly shared with you a story yesterday about one of India’s most prominent politicians, young Master Rahul Gandhi, there’s a clarification this morning that, in all fairness, you really do need to read.

You do all remember yesterday’s story, right?

How young Rahul Baba (age 46 1/2) is still not mature, according to one of his biggest and most loyal fans, Ms Sheila Dikshit, the former Chief Minister of Delhi.

For those of you not familiar with the workings

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February 24th, 2017

What is the age of maturity in India?

For all the years I have known India, it has always amused me that no matter how old a couple is when they get married, they are always referred to as “the boy” and “the girl,” and their respective families as “the girl’s side” and “the boy’s side”.

There was a family wedding last winter, for example, and though I’m not exactly sure how old the “boy” and the “girl” were, I’d say definitely on the wrong side of 39…and that’s a conservative guess…but “boy” and “girl” they were.


After 34 […]

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February 24th, 2017

India’s latest bank & its toy money

There are moments in India when you say to yourself (well, I do, quite regularly) “It’s not April Fool’s Day, is it?” because of the sheer crazy stuff you come across.

Moments when you shake your head in amused disbelief at the sheer bonkersness of life.

Like this absolutely delicious story about funny money.

Well, toy money more like it.

Read this story. Go on. And I challenge you not to shake your head in bafflement.

You could NOT make

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