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February 13th, 2020

Discovering Wat’s what in Bangkok. Part 1

I decided at the outset of this unexpected 2 week trip to Bangkok, that I’d explore a different Wat (Buddhist temple) every day. Goodness knows how many Wats there actually are in this amazing city, but there are certainly enough to keep me busy for 2 weeks.

Oh, yes, you ask – why is my trip unexpected?

Good question.

Well, it’s all down to the corona virus, really.

Our son lives and works in Shanghai, but was (thank the good Lord) out of the country for the Chinese New Year holidays, so when all the quarantining started, he flew […]

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January 31st, 2020

I need to vent

There’s an old music hall song, that was sung by Gracie Fields I think, that went something like:

“What’s the good of a birthday if you can’t have what you like?”

Paraphrasing it slightly (well, quite a bit actually) I want to ask you all:

“What’s the good of a blog, if you can’t have a good moan when you need it?“

And right now, I need to moan/vent/share my fears with you all.

Everything seems so damned toxic, whichever direction one looks in.

The terrifying coronavirus epidemic.


Bloody, stupid, wasteful Brexit.

The Little England mob has won […]

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January 30th, 2020


Good morning, everyone, and I thought I’d quickly share with you an item in my morning paper that has left me…now, how should I phrase this…has left me…well, speechless, to be honest.

It’s a lot to take in, so early in the morning, I agree. I’m still on my first coffee, so not properly awake, so perhaps this is all a bad dream…?

January 23rd, 2020

Oh, what a lovely idea, India!

Such a nice, heart-warming story in the papers this morning.

India is planning to have a war memorial honouring animals. Since I know no more than you, and it is still at the planning stage, I’ll simply share with you the news as I read it.

But from the tenor of the article, I’m hopeful that this project will come to fruition, and then the dogs and horses and mules that have served their human masters will be honoured.

I actually had no idea that the Indian Army still uses mules – you live and you learn.

By the […]

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