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December 31st, 2010

Where to shop for kinky chic in India

In Kanpur, is the answer.

Thought this bit of retail therapy might amuse you. Quite boggles the mind.

And I LOVE the idea of all local queries being (and I quote) absurd. The mind boggles Mark II.

December 29th, 2010

The things you can’t buy in Delhi

I decided that this rather odd article from the front page (no less) of today’s Times of India can be classified as retail therapy.

Sort of.

I love the outraged blogger ! And for the non Hindi speakers “ek hi to baat hai” means “they are the same thing” – hence her fury.

Other stuff not available is :

All rather bizarre.

November 12th, 2010

FLOTUS’s shopping analysed

FLOTUS left Delhi at the beginning of this week, as you may recall, but today’s Times of India has a huge spread on what she bought at the Crafts Museum. All Rs 80,000 worth of it.

I am going to share with you just a few of Michelle-ji’s retail therapy highlights :

Like any sensible lady, FLOTUS bought jewellery. Not particularly wildly expensive stuff, it has to be said, and I actually like the red necklace better than the brown one, but there you go. Main thing is, it has done the Naga crafter a power of […]

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November 9th, 2010

Where FLOTUS shops

The Crafts Museum in Delhi is one of those places you (read I) visit once, when you are still a tourist in Delhi. Then, when you become a resident like me, you sort of forget about all those lovely places you visited years ago. Can’t tell you the last time I visited the Red Fort. Or the Zoo. Or the Baha’i Temple.

Anyway, the Crafts Museum is now firmly back in the limelight after FLOTUS – otherwise known as Michelle Obama – visited it yesterday and shopped till she dropped.

Well, till she ran out of money.


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