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July 22nd, 2014

It’s a dog’s life in Bollywood

This post is actually meant as a bit of a wake up call for Yoko, our galumphing 18 month old Golden Retriever (the very fellow who has sidelined me for 2 months, by bowling me over).

As in, come on, my boy, and exactly when are YOU going to make it big in Bollywood?

I predict a boom in Golden Retrievers, if this movie is a hit -> a flurry of ads/commercials/films all (naturally) starring Goldens -> surely someone, somewhere will need footage of a Golden rolling in the mud, which is Master Y’s trademark achievement.

I hear that […]

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May 2nd, 2014

Yes indeed, why does Ranveer want to give a box of condoms…

…oh, you know what? Who the heck cares ? There you are.

Failed my conscientious blogger dharma test, but there are days when (strictly entre nous) I just can’t be bothered to dig deep after such patently unimportant stuff.***

And this is one of them.

But it is such a daftly inappropriate headline, so I thought I’d share this much with you.

For the answer, however, you’re on your own.


***  But in my own defence, most of the time I do bring you some real Bollywood insider gossip…go on, admit it…


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February 10th, 2014

A bit of a tall story

It’s been a while (far too long, in fact) since I gave you the latest gupshup from our very own Bollywood. So here it is, courtesy of my morning paper.

The gorgeous girls of Bollywood are towering over their heroes, and it’s not simply their killer heels, we are told, but the fact that so many models are now entering the movies.

Now I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but doesn’t this beg the serious question…why are all the equally (tall) gorgeous male models not flocking to Bollywood in droves?


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November 6th, 2013

Do we care? I mean, really & truly, do we care?

There are days when I say to myself, “Christine,” I say to myself, “you really do deserve a medal, my girl, for ploughing through so much dross, in search of those perfect nuggets of up-to-date information to give your devoted blog readers.” Today was such a day. Except, I am sharing the dross with you today, just so you know what I go through on your behalf, dear readers. And so here it is, hot off the press, today’s perfectly, utterly, and totally pointless Bollywood gossip :

As if we care.

As if it matters.

Yup. I […]

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