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December 28th, 2011

How do you stop men peeing in public in Delhi ?

With great difficulty, in a word.

Peeing in public in India, and especially in Delhi, is an unpleasant reality of life.

Except…if there is religion involved.

If ever you come across an un-peed upon wall or a un-paan-spit-stained wall, just check, and invariably there will be pictures of the gods stuck on the wall.

No one in India will urinate on religion, and thus the walls remain pristine. Hindu, Sikh, Jesus, Buddha – it doesn’t matter – just one image is enough to deter the men of Delhi. Images like these, below, are sufficient to keep a wall clean.


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October 26th, 2011

Why do women not wear helmets in India ?

How many times have you seen scooters zipping through the streets of Delhi, with the driver (male) wearing a helmet and his wife/girlfriend/sister/mother riding pillion – usually sitting demurely side-saddle – and without a helmet ?

God forbid there were an accident, both passengers would be equally affected, one would think.

Not according to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, which specifically exempts women from wearing a helmet when riding pillion.

The Delhi Police disagrees with the law, and would like everyone to wear helmets. If now the civic authorities are weighing in, urging the courts to amend the act, […]

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