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June 4th, 2014

Meet an Expert in Super Nature Knowledge

So there I was, waiting waiting waiting in the heat at the traffic light here in Delhi, and outside in the broiling sun a young man was listlessly doling out something or other to any driver who would wind his window down. Always curious, I took a card from him et voila !

Such pure fabulous dottiness.



Since I am battling fitness issues pre my August climb in Ladakh, I am rather tempted to call Guru-ji and seek his advice on Serious Problems Relief Speciality (or are those 2 different categories? Lack of red dot puzzling…)



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January 28th, 2014

Robin Hood. Indian “ishtyle”

There are some stories that are just so utterly wonderful that I have to share them with you in full, without any superfluous commentary from me. You can all draw your won intelligent conclusions.

I’m not trying to shirk my responsibilities, you understand, it’s just that this story below is so amazing for so many reasons that you must read it in full, right down to the last tragic sentence.



Please God someone steps forward to help these poor people, and that no charges are pressed against him.



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August 25th, 2013

The curious case of the missing Indian monuments

There are times, really there are, when I feel I will never fully understand my adopted country, India.

Take the following story, for example.


Can someone please explain to me how on earth you lose a monument?

Losing a painting from a gallery, for example, I can understand (without condoning it, of course).

Ditto, say, an artefact from a museum. Careless, reprehensible, but understandable.

But a monument? How do you “lose” a fort or a gate or a tomb or a shrine? How do you lose a couple of cemeteries?

Or am I being deliberately […]

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July 9th, 2013

Turning Kashmiri stone-pelters into cops (who pelt stones…)

If this were not so worrisome, it would actually be quite funny, in a classic daft “only in India” sort of way.

Great initiative to try and wean these angry jobless young Kashmiri men away from chucking stones at people in positions of authority.

Great idea to train them as cops.

Pity about the stone pelting, though.


One hopes they have all been dismissed from the police with immediate effect, to show that the J & K police force is above reproach.

Yes, I know, dream on, Christine…


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