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September 3rd, 2014

How to fall asleep…Ladakhi ishtyle…

I assure you, the video clip (below) has – almost – scientific properties, guaranteed to send you off to sleep phataphat, ek dum jaldi se.

Don’t believe me?

OK, well check out Wikipedia then :

“Counting sheep is a mental exercise used in some cultures as a means of lulling oneself to sleep. In most depictions of the activity, the practitioner envisions an endless series of identical white sheep jumping over a fence, while counting them as they do so. The idea, presumably, is to induce boredom while occupying the mind with something simple, repetitive, and rhythmic, all of which […]

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September 2nd, 2014

Offering up prayers & ignoring ‘elf and safety regulations

Now some of you may well have already seen this video clip on Facebook, in which case I ask you to bear with me, and enjoy this prayer-flag extravaganza for the second time.

For non-FB friends, this was shot in Leh, on my mobile phone, high up on a rickety-rackety wooden balcony which has clearly never, ever heard those dreaded words ” ‘elf and safety”…

But the sheer number of prayer flags, sending up so many collective prayers to heaven, moved me very much, and since I turn a year older today, and am feeling quite mushy and emotional, I […]

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August 31st, 2014

The view from the top…

And THIS, my friends, is why one climbs…

All that effort. All that discomfort.

There are often moments of agony. In my case many moments of self-doubt. Even a few moments verging on panic and – yes, let’s say it – fear.

But then comes that moment of pure joy when you reach the summit, and gaze speechless at the panorama unfolding around you…


The view from Kangyatse II – looking pretty fabuloso…



August 30th, 2014

Rules of the road in Ladakh…

When you are trekking in the wonderful Ladakhi hills, there are many things to contend with.

The extreme temperatures.

The altitude.

The harsh terrain.

The harsh sun.

The need to keep hydrated.

The need to walk slowly so as to acclimatise.

Oh, the list is endless, to be honest, but you know what?

No-one ever tells you to keep an eye open for traffic jams. Or for the other users of the paths, who will not always give way…

So here you go…you have been warned.

And pretty fabulous they all are, you have to agree…