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September 12th, 2019

Seeking out the good news stories

It’s been a while since I blogged.

Guilty as charged.

I’ve been busy, it’s true.

I’ve been travelling. Also true.

But I’ve also been in quite a “down” mood about the India we are living in.

Crazy politics.

Daily (or so it seems) ever-more idiotic statements from our politicians.


The never-ending sexual attacks.

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s all too depressing, actually.

So until I get my head (& my India-loving heart) back into the right place, I’m going to stick to good news stories.

Like this one, about a just-opened restored building in Delhi’s […]

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August 29th, 2019

Confession time! I have a copy of “War & Peace”

Back in the ol’ home country, Blighty, people are protesting against the prorogation of Parliament.

And damn right they are, too, to protest.

People are planning to meet, to march and to do Lord knows what else.

In my adopted home, India, we have so much to protest about, that we hardly know where to start.


Yet more unspeakable rapes.

The economy in crisis.

Yet despite all the doom and gloom in contemporary India, there are moments of humour amid the insanity.

Bless the lovely people on Indian social media who, like me, are proudly announcing that they, […]

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August 21st, 2019

No, no, no. Not again, Mr. Trump!

Oh good Lord, he’s at it again.

Mr. Trump has made yet another declaration of intent about Kashmir.

I listened to it.

It is puerile, ill-informed and has a dubious comment about India and Pakistan. To wit:

“They’ve been having these talks for hundreds of years…”


I think you’ll find the 2 countries are only 70 odd years old, Mr. President, not “hundreds of years.”

Just what is it with this man, with his infantile sentences?

His sense of self-importance?

Why on earth does he think he should get involved in an issue about which he clearly knows […]

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August 18th, 2019

Fair & handsome. Ugh

In my last blog post, about creepy Indian politicians salivating over getting fair Kashmiri women as brides for Indian men (do read it – it is amazing stuff in a stomach churning way), I mentioned one of my most hated products in the world – the “fairness” product “Fair and Lovely”.

As if on cue, my morning paper today has this ad.

How much do I hate this ad? Let me count the ways.

The product itself.

The use of the military.

The endorsement of such a horrid concept by one of Bollywood’s richest and most influential stars.

Shame […]

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