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March 11th, 2019

And we’re off!

India is officially in election mode.

The general elections were announced yesterday, and so now, let the clichés roll 😛

“The world’s largest democracy” is the obvious one. To be fair, that’s not actually a cliché but a statement of fact, but there it was in every report I read in the papers this morning!

To be fair, the statistics are pretty mind-boggling.

“The number of eligible voters is almost 4 times the number of voters in the next largest democracy, the United States, and it is also more than the entire population of Europe. About 84.3 million people […]

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March 8th, 2019

Wild Delhi

And no, I don’t mean the driving!

I’m talking about genuine wildlife seen up close and personal, right here in the big city.

2 days ago I was running in my local park, which is, admittedly, a bio-diversity park.

Over the years, I’ve had smashing sightings here of nilgai (blue bull), & I see jackal on nearly every run.

As for the birds – you can’t move for peacocks in the park, which is utterly wonderful.

But this was a very different sighting.

I spotted a small crowd of men, mainly park workers & 2 men out walking, and […]

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February 28th, 2019

Praying for peace

Praying for good sense.

Praying for cool, clear heads.

Praying for an end to the ugly jingoism that has been on display these last few days.

The 70-year old bitter enmity between India and her neighbour Pakistan reached new lows these last few days, as these 2 volatile, nuclear nations seemed to be inching ever closer to conflict.

Last week a suicide bomber with alleged links to Pakistan killed more than 40 policemen in India, in Kashmir.

India attacked an alleged terrorist camp over the border in Pakistan.

Pakistan retaliated.

An Indian fighter pilot is now in Pakistani hands, […]

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February 19th, 2019

Cry, the beloved country

It is 36 years since I first visited India, flying into what was then Bombay, on a sunny January morning in 1983, eager & ready to start work.

From the second the plane touched down, I was hooked.


Instantly in love with the sights and sounds and smiles and colours of India.

I would soon meet the young man who would, nearly 5 years later, become my husband.

We moved away from India for work, back to India, away from India again, until Himmat’s retirement in 2005, when we moved back here for good.

Our forever home.

We […]

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