July 17th, 2019

Hamba kahle, Johnny, and thank you for the music

As my Cape Town based American friend Brandy, who is married to a Zimbabwean, posted on Facebook this morning:

“Half of my feed is South Africans mourning the huge loss of Clegg…the other half just continues on, not knowing what they’ve missed.”

My Facebook feed is also very clearly demarcated between South Africans, and those of us privileged to have lived there, united in grief at the death of Johnny Clegg.

And, as Brandy says, the rest of my friends don’t know what they’ve missed.

Johnny Clegg was born British, moved to Africa and, like all of […]

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July 14th, 2019

Your word of the day. Pumplet.

The flyers that cascade out of my morning paper are often a source of wondrous vocabulary.

The flyers, usually printed on thin, cheap paper are evidence of ordinary people trying to make a living, or expand their business, and apparently the way to do that is to advertise in English.

Like this flyer from a local optician, offering a free gift if I took in their “pumplet”.

I absolutely love this word, which is a phonetic little gem, and I fully intend to use it as often as I can 🙂


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July 13th, 2019

Do NOT twirl your moustache. Repeat. Do NOT twirl it.

You will not read a more bonkers story today.


Well, actually, I s’pose Mr. Trump might well say something crazy.

Or Boris Johnson might show himself to be more of an idiot than usual, but even so, the story that I’m going to share with you just now, is so deliciously bonkers, that I’m still sure it will be the best thing you’ll read today.

Here is the link, which lays out the nitty gritty of moustache politics in the Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Department.

Anyone else love the irony of social justice not allowing a bloke […]

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July 12th, 2019

I think we all need cheering up

I’m not in a very happy place right now.

Our beloved Golden Retriever, Yoko, died suddenly on Monday at the heartbreakingly young age of 6, so everyone is miserable and sad, and I spend a lot of time crying.

Plus the weather in Delhi is vile – hot, humid and no damned rain in sight.

Plus the world seems to be “governed” by people who are so out of touch with reality, that it is all beyond a joke now.

(Have you seen Trump talking about kidneys? Here you go.)

In the ol’ home country, the political mess just […]

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