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January 21st, 2020

When your parents wreck your wedding

In the west, most jokes about the pitfalls of marriage are centred on the bride‘s mother.

In India, it isn’t so much a question of jokes but (sad to say) often horror stories of the way the groom’s family treats the bride.

This story below, however, put a completely new spin on parents wrecking your life plans:

Poor kids.

If only the youngsters had eloped first, there would’ve been no legal issues, right?

That’s your India Unfiltered story this morning, folks.


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January 19th, 2020

So, the “fairytale” is over

10 days after I blogged about Prince Harry & Ms Markle’s controversial statement that they were stepping back as senior royals, it looks like HM the Queen has sorted things out.

They are now stepping down. Not back.

No more HRH for the pair.

The British taxpayer’s money spent on their “cottage” is to be repaid.

No more representing Her Majesty.

No military duties for the Prince.

And the nicest of statements from HM, wishing them the best of British. Actually, it was a very nice, very personal statement, far more grandmotherly than monarch-y.

So, all in all, an […]

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January 17th, 2020

Just saying, India. Just saying

I’m sitting at Bangkok Airport, waiting for my delayed Air India flight back to Delhi.

Delayed due to fog, perhaps?

I‘ve just read the Bangkok Post (the English language daily here) and there is one story about India.

Just one.

And it’s about the Delhi gang-rapists on death row.

That’s it.

Shivering, just looking at these temperatures…

As a cold-weather-hater of note, am not looking forward to Delhi’s shivery temperatures.

But I am very intrigued to go back and see how the political situation is on the ground, with the continuing protests against the government’s citizenship measures.

Looks like […]

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January 14th, 2020

Abide with me no more

Call me an idealistic old fool, but the sight and sound of the massed bands of the Indian military playing “Abide with me” at the annual Beating Retreat used to move me to tears.

Without fail.

For over 30 years, I’ve wept at this moment.

Not because I am a Christian, but because it was a moment that spoke to the inclusivity of India.

Of India’s ability to accept ideas and moments and music and traditions from other cultures and interpret them and weave them into an Indian context.

Apparently Mahatma Gandhi particularly loved this Christian hymn, and that […]

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