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May 8th, 2011

India & nemesis

We are living in very interesting times in India.

It seems as though, albeit v-e-r-y slowly, the law is finally catching up with those who are corrupt and/or inefficient and/or both.

Corporate bosses are in Tihar jail, here in Delhi, over the 2G scam.

A minister is in jail for the 3G scam.

Another minister is in court at the moment.

And all that inefficient mob who gobbled up the tax-payer’s money on shoddy Commonwealth Games work are also facing justice.

Those of you who followed my ranting and raving about the waste and inefficiency of the Games preparations may […]

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April 14th, 2011

Britain & unpaid Commonwealth Games bills

I was sort of spring-cleaning my desk today, and lo and behold (ooh, I do like that expression) – so, lo and behold – what did I find, but an article from a British paper about the wretched Commonwealth Games.

I had read it on my flight to South Africa, ear-marked it for the blog, schlepped it round SA, got back here, and within 2 weeks it was buried under all the clutter that gravitates to my desk…

So, a mere month late, here is yet another searing indictment of the Games.


Britain & unpaid Commonwealth Games bills

March 12th, 2011

Er, did no-one tell them the Games are over ?

Remind me, please, exactly why we need a hockey stadium ?

The multi-storey car-parks I am more happy to accept, shockingly late though they are, but do we really and truly need another stadium ?

And, as a matter of fact, how are all our swanky stadia and pool from the dear Commonwealth Games faring ? All nicely maintained, I presume ? Being used on a regular basis ? And, by the way, where did they play the hockey during the Games ?

March 3rd, 2011

RIP cafe-cum-toilets

Oh dear.

And we all had such high hopes for these well-thought through amenities.

The only good thing is that, for once, we the tax payers are not out of pocket, as yet another daft Commonwealth Games project dies an expensive death.