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August 21st, 2011

Indian sycophancy Then and Now. Quick Timeline

Oh my goodness, it just gets worse.

As if yesterday’s horrible sycophantic outpourings about Rajiv Gandhi were not bad enough, what do I read this morning over my cuppa ?


Truly, cringingly awful, isn’t it ?

Don’t you just want to tell that nice Dr. Manmohan Singh to “man up” ( I learned that from Hari – nice expression, don’t you agree ?)

“We pray to God that she recovers soon and guide (sic) us once again.”

For God’s sake, you are a brilliant man.

A world renowned economist.

You have to wonder what on earth he is still doing in this government, and why is he uttering such sycophantic, such sycophantic  –  what ?  twaddle ? hogwash ? drivel ?

Oh, I don’t know, the whole spectacle make me queasy.

“Guide us,” indeed.

And as for that plea to Rahul Gandhi to carry forward his family responsibilites.

Family responsibilities, my foot.  Political sycophancy of the worst order, more like it.

Congress leaders, India is a democracy, not a family business, in case you had forgotten.  So it is not the family’s responsibilities young Mr Gandhi should be carrying out, but rather the wishes of his constituents, those people he was elected to represent.

Oh, this stuff gets me needlessly irritated, especially since I cannot vote.

And just to round off this rant with a historical perspective, take a look at this.

Kiran Bedi, whom I respect enormously, was the almost-top-cop who didn’t become top cop (she so should have –  a more no nonsense woman it would be hard to meet).

Anyway, she is part of the Anna Hazare team.

Ms Bedi made a comment yesterday, apparently, saying “Anna is India, India is Anna” for which she has come in for some flak.  This was an echo of an earlier comment made in the 1970s about Indira Gandhi (sigh, yes, the same family).

But, and this is the point of this –  please just read the bit I have highlighted :

The sycophancy that defined Congress at the time.

Still does, my dears, still does.

35 years later, and not much has changed.

Same family.

Same climate of cloying sycophancy.


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