Sunday morning drama

Sunday morning drama

After the extraordinary storm we had in Delhi last night, with rain worthy of a monsoon downpour, this morning’s dawn start to a fascinating heritage walk in the Mehrauli archaeological park, was actually chilly. So, armed with sweaters against the damp chill, we all met at 7.15 at the flower market in Mehrauli. A fascinating, informative three hour walk through the archaeological park was a real eye opener – the monuments are stunning, the maintenance is shocking, and the garbage, graffiti, and filth were indescribable.

When I got back to our home in Vasant Vihar, the guard was beside himself with excitement. Apparently less than an hour earlier, a fire had broken out in our garage. I had missed the fire engine, but the cops were still there taking a report. Lots of smoke, but amazingly no other damage.

So, all in all, a hectic morning’s activity.

If anyone  has ideas/contacts who might be able to make a difference, armed with images of wanton damage to the country’s heritage, please send me an e-mail. I am so incensed and outraged that I am ready to make a fuss, as long as the fuss is a productive one.

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