Well, we had a cracking Diwali, and I hope you all did too.

Friends, fireworks, food, drink – what more could one ask for ?

We had quite a number of friends with us experiencing Diwali for the first time –  Sarah, Ron, Devin, Maritza, Tedd, Alison and possibly Reena (I forgot to ask) –  and the collective bling and ostentation of Vasant Vihar didn’t let us down.

Hours of fireworks, and crackers, and ever more fireworks, while we ate and drank our way through the evening, watching the neighbours blow up a small fortune.

Having said that, impressive as the fireworks were, they were not a patch on last year.

Not even remotely.

Last year was unbelievably OTT, as Vikram and Kiran can testify, having come to all our Diwali parties. Last year, Vikram sat and did some quick maths while watching our neighbours’ fireworks display, and he reckoned they blew up –  literally – 50 lakhs last year.

They treated us to a nice show yesterday, but nothing on the scale of last year.

Perhaps the recession is beginning to hit even the blingtastic folks of south Delhi.

But it was all pretty amazing.

And now, moving on to pastures new.
Formula 1. (Yes, I know, it’s a tough life)
The second batch of our F1 guests, Vineeta and Anish arrived at lunchtime (Akbar came last night, for Diwali), and we have been eating and drinking pretty steadily ever since.

As I type, everyone is carousing on the roof, watching the fireworks that are still going off.

Obviously, no-one knows quite what to expect tomorrow in terms of security and queuing and infrastructure.  Despite checking the website, am still a little unsure –  cameras allowed but not professional…large ladies handbags (sic), so does that mean small ladies can take handbags ?  But the plan is that we shall leave very early, to try and beat the traffic and will be there at 10am when the cars roll out for the first time.


Then, of course, there’s the question of what to wear.

I am hesitating as to whether I should follow the guidelines laid down in the Times of India yesterday :


So there you go.

Short shorts are the order of the day tomorrow.

And this dolly has a bag, so is clearly not a large lady.

I shall now go join my guests on the roof for drinks and dinner.  We shall eat pudding and mithai from yesterday, since I wasn’t savvy enough to order 4-dimensional smoke-spewing, music-playing cupcakes…I kid you not, they exist.


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