December 28th, 2011

How do you stop men peeing in public in Delhi ?

With great difficulty, in a word.

Peeing in public in India, and especially in Delhi, is an unpleasant reality of life.

Except…if there is religion involved.

If ever you come across an un-peed upon wall or a un-paan-spit-stained wall, just check, and invariably there will be pictures of the gods stuck on the wall.

No one in India will urinate on religion, and thus the walls remain pristine.  Hindu, Sikh, Jesus, Buddha – it doesn’t matter – just one image is enough to deter the men of Delhi.  Images like these, below, are sufficient to keep a wall clean.

It’s a fail-safe way to ensure walls stay clean.  I have seen it in Paharganj and also in my own neighbourhood market, which is otherwise filthy.

So why isn’t the whole of the city plastered with religious icons, that’s what I want to know ?

14 comments to How do you stop men peeing in public in Delhi ?

  • Penny Winter

    Always thought there should be a civilian force of people driving around Delhi armed with a supersoaker filled with coloured(dye) water ready to soak and dye men caught peeing in public and in inappropriate places.

  • they should do the same thing in Cameroon!!

  • If it gives you any solace – men spit and pee on public in Stockholm too. But perhaps not as “flashy” as in Delhi.

  • evelyne lotte&dominique beauchery

    In Paris too, there are many men still peeing on walls despite the law! I doubt that Christ images would prevent them from doing so ….

  • christine

    What a treat to hear from you, Evelyne, and after so many years. Vive cyberspace !

  • evelyne lotte&dominique beauchery

    hip hip hurrah so glad too …j’espère que tu as gardé ton français…hoops je veux dire ta pratique de la langue française 😉

  • I used to try to count how many men I saw peeing in public just on my way to work and back, love the idea of a vigilante squad, Penny Winter!

  • sandeep

    reason 1 We and someway our gov is responsible for it . they don’t provide these basic facility , and where we have these facility they are not free .
    where gov says if somebody can spend 29 rs a day are above poverty line . Here in india generally one person earn money for family . also parents lives with their son . so for a family of 4 where toilet charge is 5 rs/ person means 20 rs for one time toilet, they hardly save anything to eat . Our gov doesn’t understand if somebody is earning so less how come they will have homes, ultimately they have to pee on road no option left for them.

    reason 2 here we have gov liqure shop on every corner. another reason .

    reason 3 200 yrs. of british rule – which destroyed everything , from our culture to everything. The moral values which we have lost completely because of their conspiracy .

    most of us have forgotten our great Indian civilization.

  • By building 10,000 public toilets instead of yet another mall. Good for women too…

  • Trudy matchett

    I think it is obviously to do with a lack of public facilities but it goes deeper than that .it is only men peeing in public ,not women .surely if it were just a question of a lack of facilities or that old chestnut ‘British rule’ then all of Indian society would be weekng everywhere …it is a male phenomenon.Yes ,there are people too poor to access paid conveniences however that argument does not hold for the endless motorcyclists and motorists who stop their vehicles to get out and urinate in public .plenty of those who urinate in public have a choice .Policy makers need to make it a prioity ,however in the face of all that is needed to be done in Delhi it is not very high up the list .

  • christine

    I agree with your last sentence, Trudy (sadly) but this would seem to be a reasonably easy thing to fix, in isolation as it were, away from the far greater problems. Build loos. Build loos. And then some. Ensure they are clean. Nominal fee. Give companies a tax break for building the damn things if the government CBA to build them. And then fine everyone who pees in public.

  • christine

    Isn’t it just, Hari! can’t wait to see one of these trundling through Delhi.

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