Every time I go into my local branch of Syndicate Bank in south Delhi, I get irritated by the grilles that are always partly pulled out and fastened with a chain, making entry difficult.

Like so:

ICICI (a private bank) slap bang next door has nothing like this.

State Bank of India on the other side, also a nationalised bank, has similar grilles.

According to my hubby, who should know, since he is a retired banker, the country’s nationalised banks are required to have these grilles for security reasons. I tried Google-ing it, but without any joy.

I also have a very vague memory of being told once that the nationalised banks are now required NOT to have said grilles because women in saris can’t get through – such an Indian response, that, if it’s true 🙂

Would welcome your thoughts, and pointers to any printed rules on the subject.


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