April 14th, 2012

Of pricey malts, niche vodkas, personalized wines & upscaling indigenous spirit

Just last weekend, we went to the auction here in Delhi of a super rare, super expensive bottle of Glenfiddich, one of only 11 bottles ever made.

I told you about it, if you remember.

As I always do on such occasions, I remarked then on how rapidly India is changing in some respects (we won’t go into the shameful issue of manual scavenging right at this moment, shall we ?  It still exists in 21st century India, and is in the news today) –  anyway, suffice it to say that India is changing, and how.  There is a palpable desire to flaunt it.  Conspicuous consumption is good here.

To wit :

So there you are.

All that niche-y, ulitmate, exclusive, upscale-y stuff is fine and dandy, though Rs 3000 (minus tax perhaps ?) for a 30ml peg does seem a tad pricey –  so give me a reasonable and “cheerful” house wine anyday.


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