May 25th, 2012

“Only the place for the common man”

Reading this piece in yesterday’s papers took me back.

Back to summer 2009, when rumours were rife that the Indian Coffee House was to be closed.  Determined not to miss out on this bit of Delhi nostalgia, a girlfriend and I braved the heat and drizzle of Delhi in August to go and sit outdoors and have a coffee on what was – if I remember correctly – supposed to be one of the last, if not The last, day of this august institution.

The coffee was, I remember, pretty ropey.

I had a cold coffee, so the indifferent taste was somewhat disguised by the ice.

But it was a lovely bit of “us” time and we were glad to have made it before the India Coffee House was closed.  Or so we thought.

Turns out we needn’t have panicked.

Next time I’m that side of town, I’ll make a special trip there, and raise a cold coffee toast to absent friends.

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