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May 30th, 2012

Styled in designwear to the nines

I have been bitterly disappointed about the relatively poor coverage of Karns by the Indian press this year.

True, we did have a photo of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looking utterly gorgeous in a –  well – in an utterly gorgeous Indian outfit.  She clearly hasn’t lost all her baby weight (tut tut, girl.  You don’t have to do a Beyoncé, but still…) but she didn’t look half as cuddly as recent grainy grab shots of her would imply.

A subsequent photo of her in an evening dress wasn’t so gorgeous.  But I’m blowed if I can find the gorgeous photo in the pile of clippings on my desk, so you’ll have to take my word for it –  it was an absolutely fab, elegant outfit.

What I do have for you is a picture of her with Jack Donaghy, aka Alec Baldwin.

And whoever knew that “the Hollywood fraternity was crazy” about her ?

You live and you learn :

Now, I have a serious question for all you good folk out there, despite the possibly clumsy phrasing that is going to follow.  Why do actresses/models/whatever feel the need to cross their legs when they pose for photos ? (And you know quite well what I mean, so don’t pretend otherwise).

Witness Sonam Kapoor (below)

Why the crossed ankles cutesy pose ?


I think it was last year, in articles like these about Karns, that I learned why so many photos of actresses had them turning back and looking at the camera over their shoulders (but I’ve forgotten the explanation, of course).  So now I’d like to know why they have to stand in this daft little girl-y pose ?

And, Sonam darling, a word in your shell-like…that Alexander McQueen dress makes you look far too old.  You’re a pretty young thing, so don’t try and look as though you’re in your 40s.

And at last, an article about Freida, and for once the press isn’t being its usual bitchy self about this young lady, who already has many more films to her credit that lots of the Bollywood glamour pusses :

Talking of glam… here’s one of Mumbai’s glamour couples doing their brand ambassador thing (below).

Remember I posted about this a week or so ago ?

The whole brand ambassador vs pukka film star thing ?

Having said that, Arjun Rampal looks a million dollars.

Seriously dishy.

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