Birdey. Birdey nam nam.

We won’t be making that silly joke in our family any more.

We are all feeling a little low today, Yoda more than most, I suspect, because yesterday, we put our 17 year old Mauritian dog Birdey to sleep, at Jeevashram, in Rajokri village, just outside Delhi.

There she joins Képi, Thing 2, and Cassidy, who are all buried there.

Birdey was buried under a tree, in one of the most moving places in Delhi –  the pet cemetery. I cannot recommend Jeevashram too highly.  A lovely place, sensitive vets, and it has a good, peaceful feel to it.

Taking the decision to put a much-loved pet to sleep is awful, as I am sure many of you know from experience, but Birdey had a full life.  From Péreybere to Grand Baie to Johannesburg to Delhi, she travelled, bless her, and moved house, and flew intercontinentally.  She wasn’t the sharpest of the three dogs, but she was a pretty fine swimmer, back in her Grand Baie days.

Dog-paddling was made for Birdey and her short little legs.

Poor dear Yoda has been moping around ever since, and funnily enough, even the 2 remaining Mauritian cats seem low today –  or it could just be the heat. I guess I better not read to much into feline lolling around.  Though who knows, these Mauritian creatures all got on well, and they have been together for 11 years…no, I’m sure it’s the heat…

‘Cos boy, has it been hot today.  As in seriously hot.  My iPhone weather widget told me 45C and I can well believe it.

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I am sharing with you a truly nice, feel good story that makes you happy, and thankful that truly good, kind people exist in a city that can often seem harsh and selfish :

Isn’t that nice ?

A kabbadiwala, for non-Hindi speakers, is a junk man, a scrap merchant, a rag and bone man if people can remember that far back – he comes to the house and buys your old bottles, newspapers, cans, and then recycles and resells the stuff.

Mr. Hussain sounds wonderful, and I can imagine that he cried, because he clearly has a heart of gold.

What a lovely happy ending.

And I’ll leave it there for now.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. (Though I did a quick round-up from Karns for you in my Bollywood Gupchup section this morning)

This is why Yoda is moping…

Oh, yes, I had another blog post published on the Agoda website today.  It’s about London, which is clearly the place to be this weekend.


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