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June 2nd, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Lemon Drop

I wanted to title this post “Ladis and Jents” which is how I saw it written on a sign in Rajokri this week, but a certain sense of decorum should prevail, when we are introducing you all to Lemon Drop.

Lemon Drop aka Himmat’s beloved 1970 MG Midget had languished for years in Bombay, getting rusty and a bit dilapidated in the process.

2 years ago she was trucked up here to Delhi, on a swelteringly hot summer night.  I remember telling you about it –  here’s a reminder of the drama of that bakingly hot, heart-stopping night when we had to manoeuvre the dear little thing down from the truck with planks and empty oil drums…she shudders dramatically at the memory…

Don’t miss the trucker trying to stop the car…

Then she sort of languished for a bit in the garage.

But now, for the last few months, she has been the centre of attention (or as the Indian papers would put it – the cynosure of all eyes – ooh, how I love that Indianism)  – yes –  right, back to the car –  so, she is being worked on and revamped, and slowly, slowly it’s all coming together.

This week she got new tyres and new seat covers :

(It’s boy heaven, as you can tell)

And today we went for a zippy little ride around the block.

Yes, yes, we will order a new windscreen.  All in good time.

The plan is to get up really, really early tomorrow and go for a longer drive.

Great fun.


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