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June 3rd, 2012

Smiles galore on the Delhi highway

Have torn myself away from watching the Jubilee celebrations on the Beeb, to give you what is frankly going to be the quickest of posts tonight.

No big event by any stretch of the imagination, but dear little Lemon Drop had her own version of a successful outing this morning, when we clocked up 50 miles along the Delhi-Gurgaon highway.  (Interestingly Himmat thinks in miles for the MG, so miles it is).

Setting miles rather than the usual kilometres on the GPS.

We zoomed along, through the Gurgaon toll gate and almost as far as the next gate where we did a U turn, zipped back, did another U turn, headed back, then another U turn, and then home.

It was hot, ‘cos we left late than planned.

It was noisy because, well because India is noisy and in an open-top car there is no buffer.

But what we did get in return were loads of smiles and waves and thumbs up, and a few gawps from farmers, and giggles from a group of little girls begging.

I saw more smiles on the road this morning than I have seen in 29 years of knowing India, which says something about the draw of an old, classic car.

We passed buses and trucks and bikes and tempos and cars and tractors and it was all great fun.

One of the happiest drives I have ever done in India.

Progress.  As of this morning, Lemon Drop now has a rear-view mirror.


3 comments to Smiles galore on the Delhi highway

  • Jane Laver

    A rear view mirror? For use in India?? but both the car and Himmat obviously have great acceleration!

  • Madhuri

    Love MGs!

  • Frederic

    Super car, je suis jaloux.

    Aujourd’hui j’avais l’entretien annuel et il m’a été conseillé d’aller voir Carglass pour un petit accroc sur le pare-brise.


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