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June 4th, 2012

Saved by a piece of string. Well, 2 pieces actually

We took Lemon Drop out to meet some guaranteed admirers this afternoon.

First stop, Gita and Shoki Bhatia, who oohed and aahed suitably, with Shoki making a few wistful comments about his own classic car that needs working on…

Then off we set to show her to Raj Seth, an old and dear friend of Himmat’s who has been part of his car world for ever.  He knew Lemon Drop when she was a shiny young thing.

On the way the silencer became loose and clattered along behind us.

We stop.

Nothing remotely resembling a piece of string between us, of course.

So I tootled into Nagaland House, which was opposite, and the polite but rather bemused guards duly gave me 2 pieces of that plastic-y string you use to tie up parcels.

A rickshaw-wala slowed down for an approving look


No sooner had I walked out of Nagaland House than the gates were flung open, sirens sounded, out raced the escort vehicles  –  the CM on the go.  Whoops.  That would explain why the place was heaving with cops and guards.

Wisely Himmat only used one of the pieces of string because when the first one broke, we had the second as a back up :

Yet again, despite the heat and the noise that you have to deal with, driving around Delhi in an old, open-top car, it was great fun seeing how people react.  Lots of slowing down to stare and smile and take photos with mobile phones.

Inevitably – because this is India – there was lots of honking, which was then followed by a smile or a thumbs-up.

Please, people, don’t honk so much.

Just slow down and wave as 2 women did.

Or overtake us, and give us a thumbs up sign as a young man did – but don’t honk.


We got stuck in rush-hour traffic on the BRT which was, well, an experience.  A car ahead of us was stationary for some reason, so along with everyone else we had to change lanes.   You will notice in the clip below that the camera angle dips all of a sudden :  that was when I had to resort to that classic Indian manoeuvre and flap my arm madly as a sign of changing lanes.

It always works.

It’s amazing being so low in the traffic, seeing everything at, well, exhaust-pipe level, I suppose.

Anyway Lemon Drop enjoyed her outing, and if she gets this much attention when she’s all rusty and in need of some TLC, just imagine when she’s repainted and de-rusted…

2 comments to Saved by a piece of string. Well, 2 pieces actually

  • Jane Laver

    Non of the classic “whip off tights to use as fan belt” for you then – much more upmarket to blag from the guards! And if you are at exhaust level – dont breathe in!X

  • Madhuri

    Fabulous! Really enjoyed this. 🙂

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