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June 6th, 2012

Donning a haircut that represents a luxury house

A couple of years ago, on our first ever visit to a luxury mall called Emporio here in south Delhi, my friend Christina Mishra and I got obviously snubbed by the shop assistant in Louis Vuitton.  Faced with the 2 of us versus a portly Punjabi couple, (there is no other, kinder word to decribe them), the shop-assistant made a judgement call.

And her call was that the 2 English women were clearly not there to buy, and so gave us the brush off.  (I have inserted a link to my January 2010 post, above).

Fast forward to summer 2012, and I now see that the shop girl knew exactly what she was doing.

Let me explain.  Himmat spotted this gem, this absolute cracker, in his Economic Times last week.  It is utterly fabulous and as you read, reflect on  – well…how can I put it…well…some of the frankly outrageous statements in it.


“…duskier hues…pet dogs…weight…wives…that pet dog again…large chunk…second-rung MBAs…”

I read this article out on Skype last night to Anjulie, who is finishing up her Masters at the LSE, and has just started job-hunting in England.

I broke to her the doleful tidings that despite her formidable academic qualifications, without an MBA – too bad, no job for her, flogging luxury goods to first time shoppers in India.

Back to the Louis Vuitton brush off.

Christina and I wandered off, but if only we had hung around, we’d have found out what the Punjabi couple’s dog eats.

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