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July 14th, 2012

Weep for India’s children. And her young women. And her sick sexual predators

I posted earlier this week about India not being a good place for lions.

Ditto for leopards.

Today I am very, very sad to say that the subject of this post is even more disturbing and shocking and revolting than the way we treat our animals.

India is not a good place for children.

I am not naive.

I am aware that in a country as huge and as diversified as India, the good the bad and the ugly co-exist.

But the stories that have been in the papers the last few days very clearly highlight one thing.

Children are often times appallingly abused in this country

There has been a horrid story gradually tumbling out of a sordid closet in Bengal. Read this and shudder.

I thought you rubbed a puppy’s nose in its urine to stop it peeing in the house, but after this, I don’t think I can bring myself to do it to dear little Tommy.  And this is a child, for God’s sake.  A little girl allegedly made to lick her own urine because she wet her bed.

I just do not know what to say.

Ever since the story broke, the school has been off-hand to say the least, and her poor parents are being harrassed by the very people who should protect them – the police.


As if this were not bad enough, today’s papers were appalling, bringing a fresh crop of horrors.

Children dead. Children trafficked. Children abused.

One story after another, in a grim litany.

These were all in this morning’s Hindustan Times.  So much horror.

How many people is that, dead from falling into uncovered manholes ?  3 or 4 in a week ?
“Open drains easier to clean” – how callous can officialdom get ?

And just in case you think today was especially brutal, this was yesterday’s crop :

Where is any notion of culpability in this country ?

Why is there never any seeming follow-up ?

Remember the underage maids I blogged about just a few months ago ? Yes, exactly, what happened to their barbaric employers ?

And the people who left all the manhole covers off and boreholes uncovered, resulting in last week’s deaths ?

What has happened to them ?

Where, where, where is any follow up by the press ?

Why is there no palpable outrage in these reports ?

The Times of India wrote this little comment, which is on the ball. Spot on. Great. well done.

Now, won’t you follow it up, please ?  Follow up, report back to us, see things through.

Pursue the story.

Go after the authorities remorselessly until these wrongs are righted.
Trust me, we the reading public would infinitely prefer this, rather than the endless stream of sycophantic Gandhi-esque stories.

Minds you, going off at a slight tangent, but I’d better tell you while I remember –  I am in a bit of a cyber-lather tonight, so much horrible stuff going on.  So,  there’s yet another Sonia-ji story in the paper today that I must share with you.  And please note the bland unquestioning tone of the report.

Oh, look, yet more of our money being lavished on Sonia-ji’s consituency.

No comment.

No putting it in perspective.

Nothing –  just another bucket load of our tax money spent on Madame’s constituency.


Back to my main thread.

And as if these horrors against little children are not enough…a girl was molested outside a pub by a gang of men in Guwahati, the attack was filmed, and has since gone viral on YouTube.

For God’s sake, what is wrong with the men of this country ?

But the cops can surely get every one of these goons from the YouTube clip ?  Surely ?

And to round off a miserable blog (I know, I know) I give you this :


Hari sent me a link to the Beeb website where there is more on this bizarrely horrible story.


I’ll wrap up there, simply because there’s only so much horror I can inflect on you, dear readers.  I wish this were not the state of affairs.  It’s not the picture of the whole of the country, thank God, but there is enough rottenness to be profoundly disturbing.

Good night.


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1 comment to Weep for India’s children. And her young women. And her sick sexual predators

  • Somedays reading the papers in India is just too much to bear. I struggle with trying to understand what the root of the problem is. Is it the men? Is it the women? Is there just a disregard for human life? I suspect it is something I may never understand. I agree it is not the whole country, but unfortunately the malaise appears to be wide spread.

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