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August 3rd, 2012

Takes one to know one

Cast your minds back to not even 2 years ago…Commonwealth Games…Delhi…October 2010…ring a vague bell ?

Surely you remember ?  All that world class sport and lasting sports legacy we were going to get blah blah…Yes, sorry, you’re absolutely right, I really shouldn’t be so mean-spirited, should I ?

I mean, for goodness sake, just look at the first major test of Indian athletes after the Games.

Currently, after a week of the London Olympics, India has 1 bronze medal.


Anyway, the repercussions of those CWG still rumble on.

Crumbling stadia…incomplete infrastructure…Mr. Kalmadi banned from going for the Olympic Opening Ceremony (anyone know if he ever went, in the end ?)

And now we have that classic ploy.  Forged degree certificates.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Will the full truth ever come out about this shameful episode ?  So much money wasted.  And for what ?

Certainly not Olympic medals.


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