To IKEA or not to IKEA ?

To IKEA or not to IKEA ?

Although I am far from wildly enthusiastic at the thought of the world’s mega-stores beating a path to India, and am on record as saying as much, both here and in my weekly column, this article from a couple of months ago caught my eye, as I rummaged through the piles of dust-trap-y papers and clippings on my desk :

Now here’s the thing.

We have 4 out of these 5 products and have had them for years, as in many many years, and they are still going strong.


Yes, Ikea’s stuff is iconic-ally amazing and ic0n-ically long-lasting.

I think it’s a great store, I really and truly do.

Just that I doubt I’ll be driving miles through nightmare-ish Delhi traffic to buy the missing 5/5 icon.

Though, having said that…I would rather drive for an Ikea than a Walmart, that’s for sure…



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