October 16th, 2012

Eating chow mein causes rape ? CHOW MEIN ?

There are times when you want to scream at the the sheer idiocy of some of the people who are in positions of authority in this country.

Forget, for the moment, all those corruption allegations, with politicians and their families seemingly hard at work for their own benefit, and the country be hanged.  That is an ongoing tale of greed and connivance at the top levels of this country, and the story will be, must be told.

Let me just tell you one story today.

And tell me whether it also makes you want to scream with frustration and anger.

Today’s horror story is about that benighted state next door to Delhi, Haryana.

Haryana is in the news for all the wrong reasons these days.

Many of those Robert Vadra land deals took place in Haryana.  If you wish, re-read a post I wrote 10 days ago, which includes a list of this man’s properties, several of which are in Haryana.

And then there are all those rapes.  I posted as recently as 4 days ago about the shameful situation in Haryana, where every day there is a new horror story.

And then there are all the lunatic statements by the local government (including a woman, God help us all) and the even more lunatic khap panchayats.  Yet again, refresh your memory, if you will, by re-reading my post of 6 October, about the panchayats wanting the age of marriage lowered to reduce rapes.

And now read today’s idiotic statement from these village worthies :


If it weren’t so serious, this statement might actually be funny, but it isn’t.  It is distressingly worrying.

This is the state where a 13 year old rape victim and her sisters were forbidden by their khap panchayat to continue going to school.  And the school obliged, expelling the poor girls

So clearly what these village notables say carries some weight.

Why can these men not just face facts, admit that there is a social crisis, arrest the men, and punish them ?

Why all this ridiculous charade and constant denials of the truth ?  Why all these preposterous “solutions” ?

Sick, sick, sick.





Be zen.

And share with you some happy Haryana-ish news for a change.  Saif Ali Khan, who became the Nawab of Pataudi after dear Tiger’s death last year, got married today.  There is a post about the wedding in my Bollywood Gushup section.  (Pataudi was a former princely state in what is now Haryana, so at least one piece of state news is happy)

I have a Photo of the Day for you – the things you see in India…

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1 comment to Eating chow mein causes rape ? CHOW MEIN ?

  • Abhijit

    Chowmein has turned into an aphrodisiac in Haryana. Does it work for men or women? What does Mamata didi have to say about this? She also said modern culture is promoting promiscuity. Did she know about chowmein? May be Didi will shut chowmein shops in Kolkata or label them as leftist outfit, selling aphrodisiac to malign her government! Think of it chowmein comes from china, connect the dots to CPM! Coming back to Haryana, if chowmein affects male libido, then rapist boys are to blame. First, why they ate chowmein and second who fed them? However, to be fair to boys, it must be sex crazy girls! Since boys are blameless and harmless in Haryana, they fall prey to chowmein enhanced libidinous girls. Just how much chowmein the girl had, who committed suicide after having herself raped by innocent boys? What a shame, first you eat chowmein then you burn yourself to death! All to shame innocent boys of Haryana! Could it be a Chinese conspiracy or India against Corruption?

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