Hello and (temporary) goodbye.  Or perhaps not

Hello and (temporary) goodbye. Or perhaps not

Today I am off on a 10 day adventure.

Or so I hope.

I am going to Arunachal Pradesh with my friend Catriona, whose parents used to live and work there immediately after the war.  For Catriona, I’m sure it is going to be quite emotional, seeing where her parents lived and about which her mother wrote a book “The Hidden Land.” It is the first time to Arunachcal for both of us, which is adventure enough, and I foresee loads of discoveries, but since I am unsure of connectivity in the Apa Tani Valley, this is a sort of warning.

I may be blogging away.  Or I may not.  It’s as simple as that.  Let’s see what Ziro’s links to the world are, shall we ?

So, let me finish packing up my gazillions of cables and chargers – oh, to travel camera/iphone/iPad/iPod/laptop-less… and then head off for my early flight to Guwahati, hoping the Delhi fog does not delay me the way it did poor Jane and John 2 days ago.

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