A brief hello and goodbye

A brief hello and goodbye

A quick hello and goodbye as I pack for the Kumbh Mela tomorrow.

Too exciting.

Most of my packing seems to consist of cables and leads and batteries, and hardly anything practical like a raincoat (it has been pouring down here in Delhi, and I gather Allahabad was wet, wet, wet today).

The plan is to blog from the Kumbh, but who knows…since I don’t even know where I am staying, planning to blog may well be a tad ambitious, I accept.

Anyway, before I go, I wanted to share with you a fabulous guest post by my friend Catriona Child that I uploaded earlier today.

If you haven’t yet read it, please do so.

It is all about an amazing example of community spirit triumphing over apathetic government in the NE of India.  It truly is an uplifting story, and it was wonderful that Catriona travelled all the way to Manipur and Assam to see The Road being built.

I have a photo essay in niticentral.com today showcasing the amazing Valentine’s Day show at Jantar Mantar, which I also talk about in my Photo of the Day section.

And that’s it for today, folks.

Now to go pack.  Must remember my brolly.

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