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June 18th, 2013

Pass the sick bag, Manmohan-ji

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie me.

Manmohan Singh is such a brainy, inherently decent man, so why does he does this stuff?




MMS –  as the press likes to call our Prime Minister – might indeed believe “Rahul is fit enough to be a leader of the UPA,” but could we all have some proof, perhaps?

Well, not me personally, since I can’t vote in India (grumble grumble) but actually, yes, come to think of it, I would rather like to hear about Rahul baba’s fitness for uber-high office.

I won’t read anything at all into that “enough”…or perhaps MMS was being very clever, as befits the man…”fit enough”…


2 comments to Pass the sick bag, Manmohan-ji

  • I am beyond sick now, dear Christine. I much prefer your photographs of Nilgais, dogs, will even accept a photograph of an idli or a dosa from the Karnataka Bhavan! But please, I am not going to read your bits about our poor country’s politicians any more!!!
    Today I had a chat with the marvellous Dr. Kitty Law, who runs the Sadhu Vaswani clinic in Shanti Niketan, and we had a “together” rant!! I wish I could say it made me feel better, but it didn’t. Some things are indeed better for many of our people. Both the beauty business and the food business have lifted hundreds and thousands of youngsters out of domestic servitude, and given them a much, much better life and a brighter future than their parents ever could hope for….There is a an explosion of places of learning, kindergartens, schools and colleges, all catering to the ever-expanding numbers of people who want to educate their children so that they can have a better life….lots of aspirational people all over the place.
    We should meet and have a chat one day…..

  • christine

    How about a rant over dosas in the next few days? And yes, your comments are(as usual) very pertinent, but I feel that unless the ossified political class isn’t named and shamed, nothing fundamental is going to change.

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