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June 19th, 2013

Pass the sick bag. Again.

My friend Brinda Dubey commented yesterday that she couldn’t bring herself to read many more (or was it any more…the latter I fear…) of my political blog posts, so sickening was the content.

I hope, therefore, that she will not take it amiss if, despite her remarks, I dedicate this post to her.


I have no intention of alienating a friend and a loyal reader, but this one is too much.

Too revolting.

Too sickeningly sycophantic.

And it really does mark a new low in the Indian political mindset.  Well, the Congress mindset at least.


Mr. Mahant, please.  Pick up that damn broom and sweep for India.  Never mind the party office.  Get out into what I am sure are litter-strewn streets (if Raipur is anything like the rest of India) and sweep them clean.  Do it as a good citizen, as a good example to your constituents, but for God’s sake, stop toadying up to Sonia-ji.

Just. Stop. It.


And, as a quick aside, don’t you all love the word “presser”?  As in press conference, obviously.

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