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June 25th, 2013

Yes, yes, we should be told !! Yes, I definitely need to know when Rahul-ji spits…

The article below is hilarious.  Unintentionally so, I am sure, but hilarious all the same.

Let me first give you a little bit of background info, though I am sure you don’t really need it, since you are all

(a) well informed people, so you will know about the disastrous floods in the northern state of Uttarakhand


(b) regular readers of this blog (thank you, thank you) so you will already know of India’s perplexing obsession with the Gandhi family.  Gandhi as in politics and nothing whatsoever to do with Mahatama Gandhi, of course.

Anyway, this is the story :  Rahul Gandhi, the son of Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Rajiv Gandhi, the son of Indira Gandhi…you are following me here, I take it?…so Rahul baba has been catapulted to dizzyingly high political office.  And totally merited it all is, too, I must say.

Now the dear boy (baba hai, nah?) turned 43 last week –  as you all know from reading my blog, right ?  Whoops –  read this post, quickly, and get up to speed.  It’s delicious.


So, Rahul Gandhi was not in the country when the flooding and death on a horrific scale took place.  We, as the tax payers who fund much of his life, have no idea where he was, of course.  I am sure he was hard at work.  Anyway, he came back in time for a photo op with his Mama, flagging off a convoy of trucks with relief material, and then off he goes to survey the damage in Uttarakhand for us all.

Because he is a structural engineer/bridge specialist/doctor/whatever.

But India being India and politics being politics, there are always some ungracious (and ungrateful) souls who like to take pot shots at Rahul baba.

Over to the Congress Party spokeswoman, and firm Gandhi family loyalist Ms Chaudhary, who has put us all well and truly in our places with a few well-chosen rebukes :

rahul 2506

Now isn’t this utterly fabulous ? (No, not the bit Rahul baba possibly using a helicopter which will therefore not be out saving people…no, not that bit at all…)


“…should we be telling you when he has his hair cut and such things?’

Yes, Renuka-ji, I think you should, and I am especially interested in the “such things” bit, please.  “Such things” sounds distinctly promising.  So, yes, please, do feel free to go ahead and tell us all the “such things”.
“….when does he spit out, when does he sneeze…”

Well, if I may be honest, Renuka-ji, I’m not so fussed about the spitting out details (as opposed to spitting in?) but actually, you know what, if the info is out there, yes, why not, go ahead and tell us.



And indeed, why would Rahul-ji need to brag when the Party does it so toe-curlingly well on his behalf?



Thank God for competent political spokespeople.


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