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November 26th, 2013

Saddened by a guilty verdict

Just the quickest of blog posts this evening since I am up to my eyes in picture editing, and have a mountain of images to be worked on and submitted to my agencies.  Much as I love digital photography for its ease and adaptability, the post-shoot editing is a nightmare.  In the good ol’ days, I would shoot transparencies, write a brief caption on the mount and Bob was your uncle.  The picture library did all the cross-referencing.  Now, however there are Excel spreadsheets to be filled in and numerous keywords to be attached to each image, all of which takes forever.

Hence this short post tonight.

But I wanted to bring my non-Indian readers in particular up to speed on the outcome of a double murder that took place 5 years ago and has (not to sound too clichéd) gripped the country ever since.  In May 2008, a 14 year old girl, the only child of a dentist couple, who lives in NOIDA, just outside Delhi, was found murdered.  The next day the family’s male servant was also found murdered.  And from that day on, this double murder has been a very high profile case, with the parents fighting to prove their innocence, while most of the press and chatterati decided long ago that they must have done it.

I blogged about the case on and off – here’s one link  – and have always hoped and prayed that this dignified couple were innocent.  The police didn’t come out of the affair very well, shooting off statements proclaiming guilt right from the outset, making insinuations about the sexual behaviour of the murdered girl, instantly arresting the other servants and jailing them for months, and it would appear that the forensics were an absolute shambles.

But be that as it may, the parents were found guilty and sentenced to life today.

Their dignity compares favourably with the shocking media scrum outside the courthouse.  If you wish to get an idea of the unruly behaviour that is sadly so often on show here in India, click on this link and even though you may not understand Hindi, the visuals should be enough.

I suppose one must trust the police and the courts.  But I still feel so very very sad for that young girl, and for her parents, too.

I hope you don’t think that I’m palming you off with too many links tonight, but if you feel like reading a very balanced, well-written measured analysis of this sad case, then click here.

I hope justice really has been done…



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