February 1st, 2014

Let’s hear it for the auntie-ji’s

There have been moments of late when I felt rather Father William-esque.

Shades of:

“You are old Auntie Christine,” the young man said…”at your age do you think it is right?”

I did wonder whether age + Bollywood dancing + in public + rather gorgeous gold high heels = recipe for disaster, but then I thought of old Father William and ignored the boring old voice of wisdom…

Let me back up here and explain.

The wedding festivities of my niece Alisha kicked off big time this week, after last weekend’s puja.  Last night was the formal engagement and “sangeet” – that’s an evening of singing and dancing, “sangeet” being the Hindi word for music.

I was secretly absolutely thrilled to be asked to dance at Alisha’s wedding because (time to fess up here), learning Bollywood dancing has been an item on my bucket list for a while.

Some of Alisha’s family and friends put on a short Bollywood dance performance last night, which necessitated about 6 or 7 practice sessions over the preceding 2 weeks.  They were great fun, and inevitably turned into a mini-party, but I was asked not to blog about them as it would spoil the element of surprise, so like a good auntie-ji, I didn’t.

But now that our stellar performance is over, and will no doubt go down in the annals of history as almost rivalling John Travolta, here you are.

It took we ladies of a certain age a while to master our steps (and then crucially) to remember them, but I must say, we turned in an almost flawless performance.  The youngsters, of course, did about 4 or 5 numbers each (but don’t forget they all have the advantage of age & good memories on their side) and the video clip opens with the end of their opening number “Badtameez.” And yes that’s Anjulie in pink, and the beautiful girl to her right is Tahira Kochhar, who has a pukka Bollywood film to her credit.

So we were dancing in good company, you see.

Much as I love the solemnity of a western Church wedding, I really and truly do, there is definitely something to be said for the sheer happy colourful exuberance of an Indian wedding.

Readers – I give you the aunties.

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