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February 3rd, 2014

Beaten up for the colour of his hair…

Last night I went with my friend Catriona to a candlelit vigil for a young man neither of us has met, but with whom we both feel a connect. Victim of a racist attack within his own country, young Nido Taniam was beaten up by thugs in Delhi and died that same night. This young man was from Arunachal Pradesh, where Catriona and I had such an unforgettable trip last year, so naturally we both felt very sad, and also felt it was the least we could do to go lend symbolic support.

Read, if you haven’t already, my online column “Memsahib’s Diary” from yesterday which dealt with this dreadful attack.  It will give you the basic facts.  And quite a bit of my anger, too.

Below are just a few moments from a very sad, dignified evening.

Please click on the images for the commentary.

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