A bit of a tall story

A bit of a tall story

It’s been a while (far too long, in fact) since I gave you the latest gupshup from our very own Bollywood.
So here it is, courtesy of my morning paper.

The gorgeous girls of Bollywood are towering over their heroes, and it’s not simply their killer heels, we are told, but the fact that so many models are now entering the movies.bolly blog 10.2.14

Now I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but doesn’t this beg the serious question…why are all the equally (tall) gorgeous male models not flocking to Bollywood in droves?


  1. Sharmishtha

    Wait a minute! I thought Indian girls were supposed to be emaciated, stunted, shrunken and withered. Looks like it’s the boys that need to be fed their Ovaltine and vitamins. These girls could chew them up for breakfast.

  2. Beatrix

    I met Aamir Khan at some big whoop tee doo celebrity charity function once & he is just teeny tiny.
    No way is he 5’6″.
    Like maybe 5’4″ on tiptoes- (I am an Amazonian 5’10” & absolutely towered over him in flats).
    Shahrukh Khan is looking a bit withered in that photo isn’t he?

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